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warm water because the cold water will freeze the cell wall.

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a sponge absorbs hot and cold water at the same rate .

The particals are moving slower and have a tendency to absorb r take in C02 quicker.

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

Celery can grow in both hot and cold water, It helps only slightly for plants to grow in warmer water.

Yes it will. This is because cold water has less heat than hot water and therefore can absorb more heat when put on the fire.

Hot water dissolves the sugar particles faster than cold because of energy. The higher energy allows faster moving of particles as they are more energetic and this helps dissolve the sugar.

It depends on the temperature of the water. Warm or hot water will be absorbed faster than cool or cold water.

keep cold and ends in water

Put it in ice cold water

Hot water runs faster than cold water because the molecules in hot water makes it go faster than cold water.

They dissolve faster in hot water.

Cold water freezes faster, but if water is boiled and allowed to cool to the same temperature as cold water, the water that was boiled will freeze faster due to the absence of air bubbles in the water.

Hot water gets frozen faster than cold water dose. I just did the experiment and found that after awhile cold water freezes faster than hot water.

It has been proven that hot water freezes faster than cold water.

Yes or no If the water is hot it can absorb cold water but it doesn't work the other way Good luck :)

i think that cold water freezes faster than hot water cause the particle in cold water are already cold so all the freezer have to do let the air come down and around the cup than it will freeze faster. <-----incorrect The right answer: hot water freezes faster coz the temp drops faster so when it gets to the cold water temp is it still freezes faster

hot because water molecules move faster there and absorb sugar quicker. If you found this helpful, click trust below

powder dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water

Molecules move faster in hot water than cold water

coffee dissolves faster in hot water rather than in cold water, .....

Because it is easier to absorb the heat and/or cold then it is with water. Especially since water is made up of more molecules then sand.

Molecules spread faster in hot water than in cold water. In cold water, molecules are close to each other but in hot water they are loosely connected which makes them to spread faster.

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