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robots with personalities

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Q: What will develop in the world of robots?
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How many types of submarine robots are they?

There are literally hundreds of types of submarine robots. All major countries of the world develop them.

How many people in the world have robots?

in the world there are two people in the world that have robots

Will toy robots market develop further?

The market for toy robots is subjective to numerous things including what movies are popular, the types of toy robots being marketed and other uncertain factors. Though it is impossible to say whether or not the market for these toys will develop further, there will probably always be some toy robots available.

What is the difference between robotics and robots?

robots are artificial devices that replicates human work while robotics an art of how to develop a robot.

Can robots develop emotions?

With current technology robots do not have actual emotions, but can be programmed to act as if they do. This can be happen in future with Artificial Intelligence

How do you avoid robots taking over the world?

Don't build robots that could take over the world.

How many different types of robots are there in the world today?

there are more than 100000 types of robots

How many types of robots are there?

There are 476,894,909,342,676 robots currently in the world today 4-13-09.

When will the last robots be made?

It is likely that robots will continue being made until the world ends.

Will robots rule the world?

i really don't think robots will rule the world but i cant tell the future so i guess u will just have to see.

Are there robots anywhere?

There are robots in auto assembly lines all over the world, especially in Japan and Korea

Can robots take over the world?


How many robots in the world?


When will robots dominate the world?

In 2099

Why are populations in the industrialized world shrinking?

robots dude

How long will it be until robots take over the world?

robots will NEVER take over the world if they did they couldn't do anything to hurt anybody Yes. Robots are used most often in manufacturing, including the building of automobiles.

What are the ratings and certificates for Word World - 2007 Robots to the Rescue?

Word World - 2007 Robots to the Rescue is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What are the release dates for Word World - 2007 Robots to the Rescue?

Word World - 2007 Robots to the Rescue was released on: USA: 19 May 2008

What are most robots in the world designed for?


Will Robots gain world domination?


How have robots changed our world?

made it easier

What will the world be like in the 2020?

Futureistical :P we'll have flyin robots? o.o

Did robots try to destroy the world 100 years ago?

That will never happen because it was 1912 if robots try to destroy the world.Also the technology back then would actually make it impossible to make robots.

What will the world be like in 2050?

we will be run by robots etc

The effect of japan on the world?

Pokemon and giant robots.