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Many things will eat a sparrow - the obvious one is a sparrow hawk, but many other hawks will eat a sparrow.

Cats and foxes will eat a sparrow if they can catch it.


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what does a sparrow brid eat

Sparrow hawks eat sparrows that's why they're called Sparrow Hawks.

Some birds that eat sunflowers are the Bahama Mockingbird,Olive Sparrow,Vesper Sparrow,Vesper Sparrow.

yes the sparrow eats the snail

A sparrow has a beak for hunting worms and bugs.

no they Sparrow hawk eat mice, young rabbit, vole and Other bird.

Sparrow hawks typically eat small birds like sparrows and finches.

Because they eat small birds, such as sparrows.

The cinnamon-tailed-sparrow would probably eat seeds like most other birds.

Yes. They might eat a house sparrow.

because he likes them and that's what pirates eat

Worms, Bread and small insects

Sparrow hawks eat Thrushes.

The sparrow is primarily a seed eater they will eat small insects.

No, sparrows eat small insects such as flies.

No. Sparrows are omnivores. They eat mostly plant-based material, but will also eat insects.

If a poisonous snake or a constrictor type snake can catch a sparrow, it will kill and eat it.

They don't have a symbiotic relationship ! Whilst the osprey would certainly eat the sparrow - they're not the ONLY food the osprey eats. The sparrow gets nothing from the osprey at all.

Raccoons are usually unable to capture a flying adult sparrow but will take a nestling or fledgling sparrow if the opportunity presents itself.

Sparrows are omnivores. They mostly eat plant material, but will also eat insects.

They eat whatever their parents bring back in their crop. In captivity, it is suggested that they eat soaked cat or dog food.

Smaller birds and rodents I think because I myself am trying.

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