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What will happen if a Betta fish have light?

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Nothing he will just go and hide behind a plant or something!

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Can betta fish aquariums have lights?

if you mean betta fish, they can live in an aguarium with a light.

What do betta fish like?


Do betta fish like the light?

Yes :0

Do betta fish need a light at night?

no it dosent

What will happen if you overfeed a betta fish?

If you overfeed a betta they will start to slow down their swimming and lay on the bottom.

Do betta fish like to be in light?

yes,beta fish love to be in the fact i have one beta fish and we have him under a light..he loves it.. -Raeanne

What do fish need to surive?

betta fish are pretty easy to take care of. water small tank, a plant and a light. and betta food

What will happen if you feed a betta fish tropical fish food?

Nothing. I feed mine tropical flakes! P.S. i have a betta named Frodo lol

Do betta fish need a light?

Betta fish do not require a specific light over top their tank or bowl, and are fine with ambient room lighting. However, to see your fish's colors fully you will need a light.

If you breed a pink male betta fish with a light blue female betta fish what colors do the babies come out to be?

most likely a purple or lavender

What is the meaning of a betta fish tattoo?

A betta fish tatto would be a tattoo of a betta fish.

Can betta fish see in the dark?

Betta fish like being in dark areas so yes they can see but they also like light areas as well

Are betta fish salt water?

Betta fish - Siamese fighter fish are not salt waters fish. But there is another breed of Betta which is called a marine betta and they are salt water fish.

What preys on betta fish?

other Betta fish and the bigger fish.

How many fish can a betta eat?

Betta fish do not eat fish.

Are Betta Fish omnivores?

No betta fish are carnivores.

Can a betta fish live with a betta fish?

Betta fish are typically best as a solitary fish due to the fact that they will show aggression to another betta in the same tank

Do betta fish like sun?

Well, Yes and no. Betta do like LIGHT to be able to distinguish night and day, they also need the warmth, but you can use a heater. betta fish do need light, but it is not good to keep a betta in direct sunlight as it may increase the temperature byy far too much. so just keep it in light at day, or get a lamp.

Can you put another fish with a male betta fish?

you cant put men betta fish with another betta fish cause they will fight till they die so no mabe girl betta fish if they like the men betta fish put not men betta fish only girl good luck

What all fish do betta fish fight with?

Betta fish fight will all fish. Even their own kind. If a betta has babies there is a good chance that they will eat the younglings. Betta babies are not born in the egg. They come right out as very small fish. Do NOT mix betta with betta or any fish.

How do you know if a betta fish is a boy or girl?

My Betta fish is a light purple color with blue fins and tale. Is she/he a girl/or boy. (I want to know this because I want to have my male Betta mate with my other batta)

What is a betta?

A betta is a fish of the species Betta, especially Betta splendens, commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish.

Do betta fish like to sleep with a little bit of light?

No fish are not afraid of the dark like kids are.

What kind of fish do betta eat?

Betta fish do not eat other fish.

Can betta fish and goldfish live together?

Betta fish primarily cant live wioth other fish because the betta fish will kill the other fish. The only fish that a betta fish can live with is a non-colorful fish like tetras. Contact your petstore before you put another fish in with your betta fish.