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Then the Earth would lose most of its defenses against the Sun's harmful radiation, which would have severe climatic consequences.

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Q: What will happen if the earth's magnetic field is lost?
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What will happen when the core stop moving?

If this happens then the earth's Magnetic field will be lost.

What does de-magnetised mean?

lost its magnetic field.

What has Mars lost that Earth may too?

Mars has lost its molten core (and as a result, it's magnetic field), its liquid water, and most of its atmosphere. These may someday happen to Earth, though hopefully not for billions of years.

What is the different electromagnets and permanent magnet?

Electromagnets are non permanent magnets. They got magnetic field because of applied electric field. They lost their magnetic field which was around that, when the applied electric field is stopped. permanent magnets have magnetic property always with it. Permanent magnetic property loses when we heat the material. It cannot be regained once again. But electromagnets are capable of regaining its magnetic properties.

Is Earth a permanent magnet?

No.-----The earth has an important magnetic field.No, Earth would lose its magnetic field if its molten iron core were not moving. Scientists speculate that Mars had a magnetic field a long time ago but lost it when the planet cooled to the point that its core solidified.

What would happen if the earth lost its magnetic field?

The earth's magnetic field is key for stopping dangerous things called cosmic rays. It deflects most of them and keeps them from reaching the earth. Cosmic rays are mostly protons, with a few electrons and a bit of gamma radiation thrown in. And the first two are charged particles, which will be deflected when moving through a magnetic field. The can (and does) actually funnel the charged particles toward the magnetic poles, and these charges can "slip down" along the earth's magnetic field lines and interact with the upper atmosphere. This is the mechanism behind the aurora. Another effect of the loss of the field would be that a magnetic compass would no longer help us navigate. (the iron core of the earth is responsible for the existence of he magnetic fields)

How does a bulk tape eraser work?

A bulk tape eraser is an electromagnetic device that manipulates the magnetic field around it in a particular manner. When a tape (cassette, reel to reel, or VHS) is subjected to the magnetic field, the information is lost because it is demagnetized.

When was Get Lost - The Magnetic Fields album - created?

Get Lost - The Magnetic Fields album - was created on 1995-10-24.

What is the value of earth's magnetic field?

The magnetic field of planet Earth is very important for sustaining life. The magnetic field creates a magnetic map around the world, which birds use to navigate. Also do they create the magnetic north and south pole. But the most crucial thing about our magnetic field is that it protects our atmosphere from solar activity, otherwise our atmosphere would be blown away by solar wind and everything on this planet would die. This happened to Mars, which had oceans and rivers and an atmosphere billions of years ago, but when it's core dried up, it lost it's magnetic field by which the atmosphere was vulnerable and blown away. Causing the planet too become freezing cold and all water to vanish.

Why back emf effect is vanished in case of inductor if dc input is given?

The fluctuation of the AC which sets up an magnetic field and causes a reverse emf is lost with DC because there is no variation in the field.

What generates our planet's magnetic field?

Three things:The planets rotation.The energy lost as the planet coolsBoth of the above driving movement of the molten iron in the core of the planet.

What planet experienced a runaway refrigerator effect?

Mars, because it has no atmosphere due to having no gas replenishment and a lost magnetic field. Without an atmosphere the temperatures depleted.

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