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It will go a pink purple couler indicating that it is an alkali.

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Q: What will happen if you add washing powder to litmus?
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Would you add a small bar of soap of the same volume of soap powder to some water when washing clothes?

No, you cannot use bar soap in place of powdered soap when washing clothes - unless you are washing by hand. Powdered and liquid soaps are designed to disperse quickly into the wash water, bar soaps will not do that. After the washing process, bar soap may remain as a bar (although a bit smaller) and then the rinse steps will not be effective at removing residual soap.

How do you test for presence of ammonium ion?

add NaOH to the solution and gently warm, test the emerging gas with a litmus paper. it supposed to turn red litmus blue, also do not smell, ammonia is really really pungent.

What is the percentage of Slavonic acid added to caustic soda to produce detergent used dishes washing?

1000 gm of salvonic acid 145 gm caustic .S litmus paper dissolve coustic 4 lit of water,add onther 4 lit stir in a plastic container not metal,with a wooden rod anticlock wise,for 15 min,leave overnight,add salvonic acid slowly to the previous liquid,and stir for 15 min ,test with litmus,if red its acidic ,if blue is alkaline,green is neutral,u should get neutral point,add concentrated scent lemon or peach, now u should have 9 liters of ready liquid detergents,used for floors, dishes,and safe for cars

How do you melt powder gold?

I would like to melt gold powder in a kiln and wonder if I need to add a thinner flux or would the gold pour out of the crucible on its own?

When do you add fabric softener?

you can add softener to all loads of washing but a good tip is not to add it in with your towels and cleaning cloths every time you was them, as they soak in the softener and prevent them from soaking up water when you want them too

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What is the difference between washing powder for top loading?

You didn't add a second item to compare to. The difference between washing powder for top loading... and what ???

What do you have to add to litmus to make it purple?

Bases and alkali's turn litmus paper purple.

If you add to pieces of litmus paper The red litmus stayed red and blue litmus paper stayed blue was the liquid acidic alkaline or neu tural?

the liquid is neutral

When do you load the clothes into washing machine?

Okay people, here is how you load a washing machine, *Turn the washing machine on, *Put the recommended amount of detergent in, *put your clothes in - unfold and turn clothing inside out - do not overfill the machine *close the lid. DONE!!! Another This is my procedure for a top loading machine: Turn on, add appropriate amount of soap powder/detergent, start water until powder dissolves, add laundry then continue water to fill, close lid & start wash/rinse cycle.

When do you add milk to a cake?

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What what happen if the girls on H20 just add water were washing there hands would they turn into mermaids?

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What colour does litmus paper go when you add an acid?

Red, and an alikili goes blue.

When you add blue litmus on water why does it turn red?

Because of science. Or god. You decide.

How can washing shoes ruin them?

I do not believe Washing shoes can effect them but they might add musture to the shoes

Made salsa with chili powder how do you get the chili powder taste out?

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How to increase the percentage of calcium oxide in a powder sample?

Add CaO to the powder.

What happens to red litmus paper when it touches vinegar?

If you add red litmus paper and it remains red, then you add blue litmus paper and it remains blue, then the the solution is neutral. Kamal