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If there was another vehicle involved and the accident was that driver's fault you can file a claim through their insurance. Otherwise, the only other place to go is through your insurance. You can use your medical coverage (if you have it) and you should have "uninsured motorist bodily injury" coverage that you can use.

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What does lash mean?

It means to hit. To have been severly injured

Can trauma cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes it can. Sometimes this is referred to as traumatic carpal tunnel syndrome. Usually it is from a fall or car accident where the wrist is severly injured or the wrist is broken which can put pressure on the median nerve.

Is Hanna off of Pretty Little Liars still alive?

Yes. She is severly injured but not dead

6 risk and hazzard in rugby?

you could get severly injured,concussion,brake bone,hair pull

Do you need crutches for a hurt knee?

Only if it is severly hurt or injured. A simple bruise means nothing.

What could happen to a footballer if he doesn't wear shin pads?

You may be severly injured and it some cases be paralysed (rarely)

Who is the actor who died in a motorcycle accident?

James Dean and Jayne Mansfield were killed in ( unrelated) automobile crashes. I am not aware of any actor losing his life on a Motorcycle, but Erik Estrada was severly injured in a Bike mishap years ago, and I think the up-and-coming actor Jan Michael Vincent ( the private in Tribes) was involved in some sort of vehicular accident- but apparently survived.

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On October 28, 1915, while reviewing troops in France, his horse kicked him off and he was severly injured (the details are not widely known). As he got older his injuries really hurt his health.

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drugs.. racism.. doing really bad things.. severly injured. etc. out of the 4 the first 3 you will leave dishonorably.. and only scum leaves that way.

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because so many people were injured. 27 people were killed, 96 were wounded and there was 1 brig severly damaged.

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Yes it is. Take it from someone who has it.

What is the role of a doctor during disaster management?

doctor has several duties to perform after the occurence of disaater..he and his co companies should be in adequate numbers to check the injured people,severly wounded ppl shud b taken to nearby hospitals and shud be properly treated..

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because they are severly stupid physco

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severly ingured...possibly death

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can people with severly high blood pressure (like 190over130)get social security benefits?

can people with severly high blood pressure ; like 190 over 130 get social security benefits

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No. Nobody in cheer is out to severly injure you.

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