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What will happen if you eat an apple?

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nothing unless you are allergic to apples

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What happens if you eat an apple seed?

NEVER eat Apple seeds or else an Apple tree will grow out of your head, But this will only happen if you eat soil and plant food as well.

What will happen if you eat a whole raw cooking apple?


What happens if you eat an apple with apple maggot?

Nothing would happen. Your body will just digest it as any other food you would eat.

What will happen if dogs eat apple seeds?

Apple seeds contain cyanide, so they are poisonous. Dogs can die from eating them.

What will happen if you eat an apple with worms?

The type of worms in apples and other fruits, are not the same types of worms that become parasites. If you were to eat an apple with worms, you would digest it just as you do any other food. Nothing bad would happen.

What would happen if Adam and Eve don't eat the apple?

Earth would not exist as we know it today

Is there enough arsenic in apple seeds to be harmful?

Actually, there is no arsenic in apple seeds. The poison they contain is cyanide. Unless you eat hundreds upon hundreds of apple seeds nothing bad will happen.

When did eve eat the apple?

Apple? What Apple??

How do apple seeds move from one place to another?

Animals eat the apples, and then they either throw away the apple core containing seeds, or if they eat the apple whole, the seeds will eventually pass out of them with their waste, and these things will happen in a different location than where the apple was originally eaten, because animals are always moving around.

Can an apple snail eat an apple?

Apple snails are not called apple snails because they eat apples. They are called Apple Snails because of their size. True apple snails (Pomacea canaliculata) can grow up to 5" in Dia. Nontheless Apple Snails can eat apples.

How do you get apple seed?

You eat a Apple and inside of it are Apple seeds or you can buy them

Is it good for a butterfly to eat a unripe apple?

Not if you are the apple.

What is the difference between apple and world?

you can eat a apple

What if a sprouting apple seed is in an apple?

Take away the seed and eat the apple

Can slugs eat apple or potato peels?

Yes, slugs will eat apple and potato peelings.

Can you eat a apple seed?

Yes. You can eat an apple seed but they taste horrible. Why would you want to?

What do you also eat when you eat an apple?


Can dogs eat apple skin?

Apple skin is safe for a dog to eat, you just need to avoid the pips found in the core of the apple.

Can you eat strawberry jam when pre gent?

You can eat strawberry jam, tomato jam, apple jam, mixed fruit jam and peanut butter jelly when pregnant. nothing will happen

Can jack Russelll terriers eat apples?

No. if you feed a jack russel terrier an apple it will have a very bad case of diarrhea until the apple passes through its body and will be continuously vomiting as well. However this does not happen to them when they eat chocolate! its quiet confusing i hope this helped :)

When is a apple mentioned?

apple is mentioned when the world was created, Adam and eve, they eat an APPLE.

How did the devil temp Jesus to eat the apple?

The devil tempted Adam, not Jesus, to eat the apple in Genesis.

Do apple trees eat anything?

apple trees only drink water but don't eat anything

How do you eat an apple on Sims 3?

Buy an apple from the supermarket and then it will be in the sims inventory, click on it and there will be an option to 'eat'.

Can you eat apple in empty stomach?

Yes, you can eat an apple on an empty stomach. You can also eat any other food on an empty stomach.