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Contact the adjuster handling your case, they will surely know.

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Q: What will happen if you leave the state while on workmens comp in California?
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Can you leave the state on unsupervised probation?

Can you leave the state of California if you are on summary probation with the state of California?

Can an ex felon who is no longer on probation leave the state of California?

once you have served your probation term and are off you can leave the state

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How do you collect your disability insurance while on maternity leave you live in the state of California?

California does cover your maternity leave for normal labor and delivery.

What is the average workmens compensation ankle surgery settlement in the state of Missouri?


Where do wildfires happen most frequently in the US?

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What are the laws for maternity leave in the state of California?

How to apply for bonding time with my child ?

If you file for custody of your child in California can you leave the state before the case is finilized?


What are the Pregnancy laws in the state of California?

California has several laws impacting pregnancy and maternity leave. The Family Rights Act, and Pregnancy Disability Leave Law both provide job protection. The State SDI and Paid Family Leave provide income protection during pregnancy and maternity leave.

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What is the time limit for workmens comp before you can go to your own doctor?

Depending on the state you live in. Usually after 3months.

Does the State of California have jurisdiction over a resident of another state when issuing a temporary restraining order?

Yes, if the offense took place in California and the California court handed down a decision, it is binding on the offender, regardless of where they may happen to live.

You live in Oklahoma and will be working in California for a while do you have to pay California state income taxes and Oklahoma taxes also?

Yes this can happen you will have to file your resident state income tax return and your nonresident state income tax return.

Do you qualify for workmens comp if your injury is caused by the work you do and not simply an accident?

It depends on the state you live in. If you live in California and the injury occured at work an you then were in an accident yes you can apply for workman comp as long as you reported the injury to the proper personnel the date the injury occured.

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If you are on probation in state of California and you cross into another state what can happen?

If the crossing occurs without prior permission to do so, the felon may be charged with absconding.

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If you leave the state while on probation what will happen?

You will get violated unless you get a pass which is easy to get. They are good for 30 days in Louisiana