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Q: What will happen to a balloon if it is placed in warm water?
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What would happen if an egg is placed in a cup of warm tap water?

the egg will sinks in the cup of warm tap water.

What will happen if the warm water would affect the amount of carbon dioxide the yeast performs?

if you put a balloon on the top of the container the balloon will get bigger and bigger

What will happen to water in a cup if the cup is placed inside a sealed bag and left in a warm area?

The water is evaporated.

What happens in a water filled balloon in warm water?

it will pop

What happens to air pressure if a balloon with the same initial volume is placed in a beaker of cold water then placed in a beaker of hot water?

it would shrink in cold and expand in warm, if you really want to surprise your teacher say it has to do with particle theory

Why do balloon's full of air get bigger when placed in a warm oven?

because the rubber and the air expand .

Do whirlpools happen in cold or warm water?

in warm water

Why does a warm balloon burst faster then cold water?

Cold water doesn't burst at all.

What will happen if you inflate a balloon with warm air and take it to a cold place?

The air inside cools. Cool air shrinks. The balloon gets smaller.

What happens when ice is placed in a warm glass of water?

The ice will begin melting and will cool the warm water.

What will happen if one glass inked cold water placed inverted over another inked hot water glass?

It would make a warm inked water! (I think this may not be true)

What would happen to the size of a balloon that is brought from inside a warm building to outside in the cold?

It would get smaller.