Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

What will happen to air if it is heated along a slope element?

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Generally, if air is heated, its temperature will increase. And if the pressure remains constant, its density will decrease.

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What is creep abrasion?

Creep is the slow mass movement of soil particles down a slope. It is so slow that we do not see it happen. Creep is often shown in the form of tilted objects along the slope.

The practice of plowing fields along the curves of a slope is called?

Countour plowing is the practice of plowing fields along the curves of a slope.

When did Steep Slope Sliders happen?

Steep Slope Sliders happened in 1997.

What lines always have an undefined slope.?

Vertical lines always have an undefined slope. Slope for y = f(x) is given by :slope = dy/dxdx is zero at any point along a vertical line, making the slope undefined along a vertical line.

What does it mean when it says then interpret this slope as a rate of change?

It means express the slope along with its measurement units.

When did Battle of Canhe Slope happen?

Battle of Canhe Slope happened on 395-12-08.

What does an undefined slope look like?

Undefined slope is a vertical line along the horizontal point of origin., the slope would have a denominator of zero, which is undefined.

Where is the north slope slope?

The "North Slope" refers to the region of the state of Alaska located on the northern slope of the Brooks Range (mountains), along the Arctic Ocean, the Chukchi Sea, and the Beaufort Sea.

What is the difference between a line that has zero slope and one that has undefined slope?

A line with zero slope is a straight horizontal line which neigher climbs nor descends along the X-Axis. A line with an undefined slope is a straight vertical line that does not move left or right along the Y- Axis.

What is the slope?

In terms of coordinate geometry, slope equals rise over run. Take a slope that is going from upper left to lower right on the coordinate system, and a given point under the slope. Measure from the point straight up (along the y coordinate) to the slope and this gives the 'rise'. Measure straight to the right (along the x coordinate) to the slope and this gives you the 'run'. Y=Mx+B

What is the MA of a wedge?

Distance along the slope divided by the vertical rise

What is a slope distance?

Surveying terminology. The measure of distance along a slope. The distance of a line where elevation changes from point 1 to point 2

What does the slope of voltage-current curve represent?

It depends. If voltage is drawn along the horizontal axis, then the slope at any point on the graph represents the reciprocal of resistance at that point. If current is drawn along the horizontal axis, then the slope at any point on the graph represents the resistance at that point.

What is slope and how is it determined from a graph?

Slope refers to the steepness of a line. Mathematically, it can be defined as: slope = (difference in y-coordinates) / (difference in x-coordinates). This should be measured along a fairly short distance, since the actual slope can be different at different points.

What is a line with a positive slope?

A line with a positive slope is one that get higher (further up the y-axis) as it moves right along the x-axis.

If you plow fields along the curve of a slope what type of plowing are you practicing?

Plowing along the curve of a slope is referred to as contour plowing. Plowing this way helps to prevent or slow down water from running straight down the hill.

Along with the slope what is needed to graph a line?

Either a point on the line or the y intercept.

What is the slope of the line given by the equation y equals x?

The slope is ' 1 '. As you move along the line, any change in 'x' produces an equal change in 'y'.

What is the slope of a line parallel to 4x plus 2y equals 5?

Y = -2x + 5 so the slope of this equation, along with the slopes of parallel equations, is -2

How do you determine the slope of a curve?

You can easily determine the slope of a line by calculating Rise divided by Run, where rise is the change in the y coordinate and run is the change in the x coordinate. You can't get the slope of a curve per se; you can find the instantaneous slope for any given point along the curve, but that is more complicated.

What does the slope in your equation mean?

In a linear (first-order) equation, it is the ratio of the change in y of a segment to the change in x of the same segment. If the equation is in the form y = mx + b, m is the slope. In a higher-order equation, the instantaneous slope is the slope of the tangent line intersecting a particular point along the curve.

What is the slope of a curve line?

The slope of a curved line changes as you go along the curve and so you may have a different slope at each point. Any any particular point, the slope of the curve is the slope of the straight line which is tangent to the curve at that point. If you know differential calculus, the slope of a curved line at a point is the value of the first derivative of the equation of the curve at that point. (Actually, even if you don't know differential calculus, the slope is still the value of the function's first derivative at that point.)

Explain what is on the y-axis and x-axis in order to get acceleration?

In case of uniform acceleration,the graph will be a straight line with a +ve slope ,if we are taking velocity along Y-axis and time along X-axis.hence it's slope will give u acceleration.

How do you find the slope in 22 and 66?

if the slope is 1 in 22, draw horizontal line 22 long, then vertical line 1 high, hypotonuse is slope, angle of slope is (INV tan ( 1 / 22)) . same deal for 1 in 66, 66 along then 1 up, angle is (INV tan ( 1 / 66))

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