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There is no scientific proof of what will or can happen to the universe tomorrow so nobody can really say what will happen in 1 googolplex years from now. I would hope that there is space travel and flying cars by then though.

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What we do today will affect thousands but won't affect years that are duotrigintillions of digits long. Honestly using physics, there are multiple other predictions, like if there is no proton decay, the Degenerate Era will last 10^1500 (novemnonagintaquadringentillion) years. Stellar remnants will fuse into dense ball of iron, known as Iron-56. Later in the long elapsed Black Hole Era, we will see Boltzmann brains from 1 hexecillion (3*quindecillion+3 zeroes) to 1 heptecillion (3*sexdecillion+3 zeroes) years. Entropy will finally decrease, as we will see islands of time and intelligence gain control of the near-infinite universe with worlds emerging. Ludwig Boltzmann's theory is kind of ridiculous in my opinion though. After a penteicosillion (3*quattuorvigintillion+3 zeroes) years, quantum tunneling will push all stellar remnants into black holes, and these will naturally break down in hopefully, a googolplex years.

Many physicists do suggest proton decay, and that the Hawking radiation will take place between 10 unvigintillion and 1 octotrigintillion years. After that, the universe becomes static and bleak with a frozen ocean of subatomic particles. I do think there is always a chance for life to survive again.

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Q: What will happen to the universe 1 googolplex years from now?
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What will happen to the universe 1 novemtrigintillionplex years from now?

In this time, the high estimate for the time for the Universe to reach its final energy state, even in the presence of a false vacuum.

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What will happen to the universe 1 novemtrigintillionplexplex years from now?

In this time, the scale of an estimated Poincaré recurrence time for the quantum state of a hypothetical box containing a black hole with the mass within the presently visible region of the Universe.

What will happen to the universe 10 duotrigintillion years from now?

Only black holes and subatomic particles remain. The universe has expanded so much that these individual particles may be separated from each other by truly enormous distances. Black holes themselves are now evaporating by Hawking radiation.

What will happen in 1 hotejillion years from now?

Nothing because the earth wouldn't be a thing, but if we're talking about everything (our universe, another universe) then I can guess that good old Elon Musk can fly a something and find another earth.

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Time will tell.

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The distant universe is seen as it was when the light we see now left it, this is as much as 13 to 15 billion years ago.

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No one knows what will happen. It would be conjecture to answer this opinion question.

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According to present knowledge and models of the Universe, the first galaxies could form when the Universe was less than 1 billion years old (it is now about 15 billion years old).

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Right now scientists think the universe is about 14 billion years old; that's the short answer. For a longer discussion, read here: Of about between 15000 and 20000 million years

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it will happen soon

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