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The Sun consumes 4.2 million tons of its own matter each second. Will it soon vanish altogether? No. Over the next 5 billion years, this rate of use will cost the sun only one forty-thousandth of it's enormous mass. As it nears the end of its life in about 12 billion years, it will run out of Hydrigen ( hydrigen is used in the sun's core to put into Helium) When it runs out the core will contract under the pressure of gravity. Although the core wil shrink it will still produce heat, causing the outer layers to expand. The sun will become a Rad gaint and consume Mecury, Venus and possibly Earth. The sun will only stay a Red gaint for a few million years. When it runs out of Helium ( Helium is used to put into Carbon) it wil shrink into a white dwarf and with time into a black dwarf.

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What will happen to Jupiter and the other gas Giants when the Sun becomes a Red Giant?

Nothing much. Their orbits are outside of the radius of the sun while in the gas giant phase.

Will the sun ever freeze?

No The Sun is a ball of hot gas which cannot freeze. Absolutely not. If it did freeze ( Which will never happen) We would freeze.

What does photosynthesis need to happen?

plants need sun water and carbon gas to go through photosynthesis

How do you mfg sun gas?

The sun is a ball of gas. There is anything called 'sun gas' that humans can manufacture.

Will the sun ever go out?

One day the Sun will use up all its gas, fuel and die. But this won't happen in your lifetime,or your childrens or your great great great grand will happen 5 billion years.

Is the sun gas?

Yes the Sun is technically a gas, its based on a star, and a star is completely made of gas, whatever your doing, just note that the sun IS a gas,

Is sun is a gas giant?

No, gas giant is for planets. The sun is a star.

What gas is in the sun that starts with an m?

what gas is in the sun that starts with and m

Is the sun a living?

No because the sun is made of gas and gas is not living so it is concluded that the sun is not living.

What is the texture of the sun?

The sun is a gas.

Is the sun fire and gas?

a gas

Is the sun a liquid or gas?

A gas. :)

What gas was first discovered on the sun?

Helium was the first gas discovered on the sun.

Which gas is released from Sun?

The Gas which is released from your hips is also released from Sun

What causes halos around the sun and the moon?

Basic overview is that large explosions happen, because of the gas and density in the atmosphere. When the explosions cool down, and relax, they create halos. It occurs more on the sun, as the atmosphere is more dense and there is more gas.

Which gas giant is farthest from the sun?

Neptune is the gas giant farthest from the sun.Neptune

What gas makes up most of the sun?

helium is the gas which makes most of the sun

What is the gas that makes up most of the sun?

helium is the gas which makes most of the sun

What major component is the sun made of?

The sun is made from hydrogen gas and helium gas

What is the most common gas on the sun?

the most common gas on the sun is said to be hydrogen

Why is the sun a gas planet?

Our sun is a star. A start does not have a solid surface, but is a ball of gas.

The sun is a .?

The sun is a star.

What happen to the astronauts that landed on the sun?

Firstly, no astronaut culd get to the sun. The heat would vaporise them and their craft long before then. Secondly, even if they could reach it, the sun has no solid surface; it is entirely plasma and gas. So, there is no way to land on the sun at all.

What does the sun have?

the sun is a big ball of gas

Is the sun a soild?

The sun is a ball of gas