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what happen if a volcano erupts under the sea

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it was the sea it made cracks in the volcano and made preasure causing it to erupt !!!

yes volcanoes erupt in the sea but forms into rock

A fixed "hot spot" (magma/hot lava) accumulated under the tectonic plate in that area. Imagine a volcano under the sea floor there. The "volcano" would erupt and create an island. Over time, the tectonic plate would move but the "volcano" would not. The hot spot (volcano) would erupt again but on a different part of the tectonic plate.

a volcano that is under the sea

titan volcano,tonga volcano,banda sea volcano,rizafajar volcano.

because they were formed under the sea so when they erupt the can form tsunamis

valcanoes under the sea are called under water valcanoes

panicked, ran, died. Some tried to escape through the sea.

yes a volcano under the sea is possible. Under water volcanoes causes tsunami

They don't really erupt in the same way as a volcano erupts. Tsunamis are a large wave of water that forms when the sea floor jumps up suddenly due to tectonic plate movements.

If there is an earthquake under the sea, you might die, if you are on a ship.

Many, they are called volcanic undersea mounts.

Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands. Volcanic activity is what formed the islands. Under the Pacific ocean where Hawaii is located is what is known as a volcanic hot spot. Magma erupted from under sea volcanoes as the tectonic plate moved over the hotspot forming sea mounts (islands under the sea). When these sea mounts broke the surface they became the Hawaiian islands. The hotspot under Hawaii is still active causing the volcanoes on the big sland to continue to erupt. christian kate

The Canary Island of Lanzarote has a volcano which it said to be on the precipice of falling in to the sea, should this erupt and happen it would cause a massive Tsunami which would cross the Atlantic Basin and likely reach the US East coast.

Plate tectonics cause sea floor volcanoes. This is because in a convergent boundary the plate collide making the formed volcano erupt.

Volcanoes erupt all the time In the sea. But the last noticable eruption happened a few days ago that is why the air traffic in Europe is shut down.

Santorini last erupted in 1950. It is located in the Southern Aegean Sea, Nea Kameni island (in Greece); the maximal altitude on the island - 127 m).

if there is a disturbane such as an earthquack under the sea

Volcanos are just merely mountains with magma at its centre. If it's under the sea, it's possible that the volcano could have been formed before the sea formed there, the water then went in the magma deposit and caused it to create a cap for the volcano.

One of the most active areas for volcanoes found under the sea is known as Pacific Rim of Fire. This area has many volcanoes that could have a devastating effect if they erupt on areas including the Philippines.

Stromboli volcano is called the light pillar of Mediterranean sea.

i heared that there is valcano in kalpaakam in tamilnadu under neeth the sea of 23 km from the shore