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It will be unable to pair with any other chromosomes and will result in programmed cell death (apoptosis).

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What will happen if a chromosome loses its centromere?

centromere is place at which spindle fibers are attached if the centromere is lost then chromosome will lose its point for the attachement of the spindle fiber and then will not be able to take part in mitosis. chromosome is usually lost in this case.

How abnormal number of any chromosome gets into gamete?

That happens in Ana phase.When a chromosome is not split in centromere,a chromosome fully moves to a daughter cell.

What is centromere splitting?

Centromere splitting is something that happens to the Chromosomes during the M Phase (Mitosis) of cell division. During Anaphase (a phase in the M Phase), the centrioles that have sent out spindle fibers and are at opposite poles just tug at the centromere of the Chromosome, causing the centromere to split. Anaphase is basically centromere splitting, where the spindle fibers from the centrioles split the chromosome in half at the centromere.

What is the center of a chromosome called?

The center of a chromosome is a centromere.

Where is the centromere located?

the centromere is located in the chromosome. Depending up on its location the chromosome may be i, j of v shaped.

A chromosome with sub-terminal centromere is?

acrocentric chromosome

How many centromere is in chromosome?

there is 19

Illustration of metacentric chromosome?

A metacentric chromosome is one in which the centromere is located in the center of the chromosome.

In a chromosome pair connected by a centromere what is the individual chromosome called?


Point on a chromosome where chromatids are attached?


What are the sister chromatids in a chromosome attached by?


Area where chromatids of a chromosome are attached?


In a chromosome pair connected by a centromere what is each induvidual chromosome called?

a chromatid

What is a list of the 3 parts of a chromosome?

Telomere - The ends of the chromosome. Centromere - The primary constriction of the chromosome. Chromatid - A single molecule of DNA. The centromere also divides the chromosome into a short arm (p) and a long arm (q).

What happens during metaphase in meiosis?

chromosomes move to the middle of the cell. mitotic spindles from the centrioles attach to the centromere of the chromosome

How are DNA centromere chromosome and chromatid related?

Chromatid- one of two identical parts of the chromosome after "S" phaseCentromere- the point where the two chromatids crossChromosome- carries DNA in (and between) organisms.

What are the 3 parts of a chromosome?

parts of a chromosome include chromatids,alleles,genes,and the centromere

What is the number of chromatids on a chromosome?

Each chromosome has two chromatids.They are held together by centromere.

What is the centromere?

The centromere is the most condensed and constricted region of a chromosome, to which the spindle fiber is attached during mitosis.

The sister chromatids in a chromosome are attached together by the?


Fibers in the spindle that attach to the centromere of the chromosome?


What are the two chromatids of a chromosome are attached at a point?


What is the point of a chromosome where two parts meet?

The Centromere

What part of the chromosome is the spindle apparatus attach?


What is the difference between chromosomes and centromeres?

a centromere is the center area on a chromosome when two sister chromatids have formed. if you remember in biology the picture of a chromatid it looked like an X. the centromere is where the X crosses.

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