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Question 1: Where do you see sales trending in the next 12 to 24 months?

Question 2: What are the risks associated with the sourcing of raw material, or holding the line on costs of services?

Question 3: What is the best use for the cash on the company's balance sheet? How does the company plan to raise capital in order to fund future growth?

Question 4: Who are the emerging competitors in the industry in which you operate?

Question 5: What part or aspect of the business is giving you the most trouble now?

Question 6: How close is Wall Street in terms of estimating your company's earnings results?

Question 7: What part of the business do you think is being ignored that has more upside potential than Wall Street is giving it?

Question 8: Do you have any plans to advance or promote the stock?

Question 9: What catalysts will affect the stock going forward?

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How can you start a business without investment?

How can start a business without investment?

How do you start a business with no money?

By finding investors. Where are these investors

How the productivity of a business is influenced by investment?

Investment provides capital for the business to start or increase productivity

How do you start a business with investment?

Where can someone go to find business investors for a business start up?

Inn order to locate business investors for a business start up, you first must find people who are interested in your product and who have the money. You can, if lucky, go on Shark Tank, on television, or place an ad in a business magazine.

Where do you find money to start a business?

You can find money to start a business by trying to get a bank loan. You can also solicit business investors to invest in your idea or company.

How can start a small business?

1st you should have an investment so you should buy your groccery and try if your investment became higher.....

How do you start a business improvement?

The first thing you have to do is to look for some lacks in your business that you want to change. Now you have to list them and make a plan of which one you can change and how your are able to dow. Make a flowchart to present your business plan to investors, especially point out the reasons of your success in the future. Now you are ready to go to investors and start improving your business.

Can a bankrupt person start business the next day he filed bankruptcy?

I don't know what "go to business means." Are you asking if he can start a business? No.

Why might a company might want to raise money by selling shares?

It would need investors to start the business. To start the business they give shares to the buisness and they are paid back like a loan

Start Your Own Business with a Capital Investment?

Securing a capital investment can help you start your own business and live out your dreams of becoming your own boss. A capital investment can come from almost anywhere, including from an investor, family and friends or from your own savings. No matter where you get the money, you can usually use it to pay for any expenses you incur when starting your new business. From there, you can reinvest part of your profits to continue growing your business.

How do you start a business with minimum investment?

You can start a business even with a minimum investment and the perfect way to do this is to resell a product. By selling products by someone else is less effort and even allows you to start a business by not spending too much money. The resale business is very popular nowadays because it saves people lots of time and money, providing you a benefit of earning money faster and easily.

How do you get money to start a new business?

The process of finding funding for a new business generally takes the following steps: 1. Bootstrapping: Finding money from family and friends, credit cards, that rich uncle... 2. Angel Investors: Angel Investors are early stage investors that generally invest in the range of $200k-$2M. 3. Venture Capital: Venture Capitalists generally invest in mature businesses, or companies that have proven a business model or product and need a sizable investment to extend their market or develop/market a product or service. These investments can range anywhere from $1M to $100M.

How can I successfully start a car wash franchise?

First you will need a business plan. Then you should shop it around to find investors who are interested in supplying money needed to start a business. You can also look for government sponsored small business loans.

How much investment require for to start a paper plate making industry?

How much i invest to start disposable item small business

What is the money used to start improve or run a business called?

The money used to start a business and keep it running is also called capital. Start-up money is sometimes called "seed money" or an investment.

Is there any advice for starting my own business?

To start up your own business, you need to have a product that is in demand and that you can offer for a good price and get a good profit. A good location is necessary and investors or a business loan.

Easiest way to receive venture capitalist investment for a new website?

Create a vc pitch that will show the investors that your site has the real start up attributes (i.e. real business model, valid market, business edge) and its not just one of of a million that says thay can do money using the web. For additional ideas please look at


Maybe this article on finding start up money will help

What level of study is needed to become a business owner?

Technically none at all; what you need is the initial investment. However, if you aren't independantly wealthy and are looking to start your business with a loan or investors you must be able to impress upon them your ability to create and run a profitable business. Other companies you may rely upon to conduct business ( such as an insurance company for your transportation business ) may charge different rates dependant upon the officers of your companies experience and education.

How can you get a loan to start your Mary Kay Business with Bad Credit?

A website called Prosper is a marketplace that has investors available to help people with credit scores as low as 64Save0 for business ventures.

How does a small business start with a small capital?

If you are asking where to get funding, you may try: 1. Local bank or lender 2. Government programs especially catered to helping small businesses 3. Incubator programs 4. Angel investors 5. Personal Lending

What is a great investment to make a lot of money?

some thing that cant fail before to start any business people think it first that if he invest money in any kind of business, can it successful and give lot of money? after think this then he can start the business.

What to answer when the man you love ask you to start a business and living together?

I'd be asking, "Where's the ring?"

How did Jamestown start?

Jamestown actually started as a business venture. Investors believed that there were profits to be gained in the New World. It took a while, but it turned out to be true.

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