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What will investors ask you when asking for investment in start up business?



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Question 1: Where do you see sales trending in the next 12 to 24 months?

Question 2: What are the risks associated with the sourcing of raw material, or holding the line on costs of services?

Question 3: What is the best use for the cash on the company's balance sheet? How does the company plan to raise capital in order to fund future growth?

Question 4: Who are the emerging competitors in the industry in which you operate?

Question 5: What part or aspect of the business is giving you the most trouble now?

Question 6: How close is Wall Street in terms of estimating your company's earnings results?

Question 7: What part of the business do you think is being ignored that has more upside potential than Wall Street is giving it?

Question 8: Do you have any plans to advance or promote the stock?

Question 9: What catalysts will affect the stock going forward?

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