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Check out the Sound Racer device. There is one made for V-8, V-10 and V-12 sounds. It plays the sound through your radio via a transmitter plugged into the lighter outlet. You can listen to the inside speakers or add speakers outside the car near the exhaust for everyone else. Listen to the demos on YouTube.

ANSWER: There is no way to make a 4 cylinder engine sound like an 8 cylinder engine. If you want V8 sound, you'll have to buy one....

Take your exhaust apart after the header..

The reason a v8 sounds like a v8 is the way it sends pulses down the exhaust pipe. one pulse i sent down the pipe from the exhaust opening, then another, and then something magical happens, two pulses get sent at the same time, making that v8 sound. Not only that but these off-set pulses combine with the pulses of the other side of the engine, and depending on the configuration of the headers, collector and pipe you can get some different sounds out of it, that's why foreign v8's often sound different than American v8's(in addition to many other factors too, souch a stroke size). Also, a v8 sends twice as many pulses in the same given amount of time as a 4 cylinder at any given rpm. All racing headers for a four cylinder will try to do the opposite of the v8 cycle, line the pulses up as evenly spaced as possible, giving it the mono tone sound the increases pitch proportionaly with rpm(hey, they usually go for performance not good sound). however, stock manifolds are often made without concern to equal lengths at the collector to save expense often making some overlap of pulse. a modified stock exhaust will give you a more, how do you say, mabey rumbly sound, at least mimicing a v8. However, no matter what you do it is ultimetly IMPOSSIBLE to completely match the v8 sound out of a 4 cylinder, but hey, if you really want it go for it. Also note that it is much easier to make a v6(available in some jap cars like the celica) to sound like a v8.

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Q: What will make your Toyota Celica sound like a V8?
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