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Q: What will remove the magnetic properties from an electromagnet?
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Can a glass object be a electromagnet?

no it cant, because it will never have the abiliry to obtain magnetic properties

How can you destroy the magnetic properties of a magnet?

Heat. Striking repeatedly. Hold inside an AC current electromagnet.

Does electromagnet produce electricity or use electricity?

It doesn produce electricity. It uses electricity and shows magnetic properties.

Objects that keep their magnetic properties for a long time?

A permanent magnet (in contrast to an electromagnet).

How is a permanentmagnet different from a electromagnet?

a permanent magnet is always magnetic as an electromagnet is only magnetic when it is wound around with wire and energised

What does a electromagnet create?

a magnetic field

What is the source of electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a type of magnet whose magnetic properties stem from electricity. The earth has a lot of electromagnet waves running through it's surface, which come from the polarization of the planet. A more simple electromagnet can be made by wrapping wire around a metal object and connecting the wire to a battery (just be careful).

Is an electromagnet always magnetic?

No. Only when an electric charge is put through the electromagnet.

What is difference between of Electromagnet and Electric Magnetic Field?

An electromagnet is a magnet that only generates magnetic forces when electricity is running through it, basically a magnet that can be turned on and off. An electromagnetic field is the magnetic force generated when an electromagnet is used.

Can an electromagnet create a magnetic field when the battery is removed?

If the electromagnet has a core, which has become magnetized, then the core will have a residual magnetic field when the power is removed.

What happens when you decrease the current in an electromagnet?

When you decrease the current in an electromagnet, the magnetic field decreases.

Strong temporary magnet formed when a current is passed through a coil of wire?

A magnetic field.