What will shut a teacher up?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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You wait till her tongue corrodes.

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Q: What will shut a teacher up?
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What is the answer when a teacher ask you to shut up?

your not aloud to say shut up it is disrecpectfull.

How do you teach a teacher to be quiet?

tell the teacher to shut up

Why did teacher tell you to shut up?

you were probably getting on his/her nerves, and they told you to shut up. if ANY teacher tells you to shut up, it would be better for it to be the sub., because if you were a teacher for a couple of years, then you have developed patients. its not okay to tell a student to shut up, especially if you want to keep your job.

How do you use harshly in a sentence?

''Shut up!'' the teacher shouted harsly.

What to say to a teacher for blaming you?

Shut the f*** up you old witch. You don't control my life.

What it means when your teacher says use your critical thinking skills?

When a teacher says to use your critical thinking skills, they are asking you to analyze information, make connections, and consider multiple perspectives in order to arrive at a well-reasoned conclusion. Critical thinking involves being open-minded, questioning assumptions, and evaluating evidence to form a logical and coherent argument.

My teacher tell's my class to shut up or she's shutting the door to make it hot. Is that illegal?


Can teacher say shut up to students?

Yes. Think yourself lucky, when I was a kid "shut up" was followed swiftly by a blackboard rubber angled at high velocity aimed at the miscreant making the noise".

Can you making a sentence using shut?

"Shut the door please" said the teacher.

What happens if the fur trade stops in the olden days?

you need to shut up and tell that to your teacher yeahh yeahh

What did Wayne Rooney swear on the pitch?

Maybe his school teacher never told him to stop swearing and shut up

What should you do I someone say you suck?

You say "shut up" and just leave and if they follow you tell the teacher. say,"And you swallow!!!!!!!!!!"