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What will the Harry potter actors do after the movies are over?


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Probably spend the rest of their careers trying to shake off their casting stereotypes and get work!

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the series is over and all Harry Potter movies are now on DVD.

yes. harry potter movies are for kids over 8 years old.

No. (Unless you count Harry Potter 7 Part 2 as #8.) The Harry Potter book series is over so there is no more material for the movies.

Harry Potter is a wonderful series which explores love, hate, death and fighting good over evil. The books are better than the movies but the movies are enjoyable.

Micheal Gambon took over the role from the third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, after Richard Harris' death.

Unless J.K. plans to make more or if they remake them, then otherwise yes they are over.

All of the Harry Potter films were directed and made in London England. In fitting with the characters and writing it made sense to make the movies over there.

Well, since most of the movies are PG and PG-13, I'd say yes.

All the Harry Potter movies take place in an imaginary castle called Hogwarts which is in Scotland (with English school times) Filming however takes place all over the U.K.

No, unfortunately there will not be another Harry Potter movie. The Deathly Hallows was the last book of the series and the story is already over; Harry and his friends have defeated Voldemort and all is done.

Over the movies already shot she has earned over 10 million pounds.

Not very. Harry Potter has sold millions of more books than Twilight and has made over $6 million more than the Twilight movies.

A lot, over a million probably.Nobody could ever measure the exact number of people who have watched the Harry Potter movies especially as there are so many different ways to watch movies.

way over 200. there are too many to count!

In a way she does. She does not have full control over anything but she does guide them.

There are no Harry Potter books with that number of pages.

thousends of boys auditioned from all over the world

Harry Potter did. The Harry Potter series has sold over 325 million copies worldwide.

Lego Harry Potter is coming out on Wii all over the world.

The movies are over now, so you can't do anything to be in them unless you have a time machine.

There is no address because they film Harry Potter all over the world. mainly in Europe though

The first harry potter book made over 100,000 dollars

J.K. Rowling has stated she will not write another Harry Potter book as the story is over.

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