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What will the gender of the new baby in Good Luck Charlie be?


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They haven't said but in my opinion I think it's a girl


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The new baby's name on Good Luck Charlie® will be Erika. There or the baby will be a girl.

girl Its a boy and it names is Toby. It a cute baby!

it is a boy and they decide to name it toby.

The baby's name is Charlotte but they usually call her charlie and she is a girl

I have watched the episode and its a baby boy! But I can't tell you what gender it is!

The baby is called Charlie but her real name is Charlotte on Good Luck Charlie.

The new baby in Good Luck Charlie is a baby boy named Toby.

They have not yet announced the name it gender of the new baby

A boy I think because on the cermercial it was wearing blue

yes the baby on good luck charlie is a boy

The new baby on Good Luck Charlie is a little baby boy named Toby.


simple. The baby in good luck charlie

the good episodes of good luck charlie are name that baby and special delivery.

Yes, they announced it on the episode, good luck charlie its christmas

the baby from good luck charlie is said to be in the first season three one hour episode airing in early 2012

The actor who plays Charlie on the TV show Good Luck Charlie is Mia Talerico.The actor who plays Toby on Good Luck Charlie (Season 3) is Jake Cinoa.

Yes "Good Luck Charlie: Here Comes the Baby!" comes out August 28th

Yes because after the baby they have to talk about the baby's life in good luck charlie

Nobody knows yet. It will be on the next episode. I'm guessing since they already have a girl....Ill say a boy.

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