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Moshi Monsters plans to release a new Super Moshi Mission almost every month, so it would be difficult to keep the answer up to date. Watch the Daily Growl for information about new Super Moshi Missions.

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Q: What will the next Moshi Monsters mission be?
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How on Moshi Monsters do you get to the haunted house?

maybe you can in the next mission!

What is mission 0 on Moshi Monsters?

There is no Mission 0 on Moshi Monsters.

When will the next mission come out on moshi monsters?

You can check the daily growl.

When is the 3rd mission out on Moshi Monsters?

The 3rd mission on Moshi Monsters is now available.

How do you get walop on Moshi Monsters?

you do the last moshi monsters mission

When is the next moshi monsters mission?

It comes out 5 weeks. The next one is in May 14.

How do you get noises 1 on Moshi Monsters?

You get him from mission 3 on moshi monsters if your a super moshi.

When will mission 6 season 2 come out on moshi monsters?

it is coming next month

When is season 2 mission 2 out on moshi monsters?

Super Moshi Mission Season 2 Mission 2 has already been released on Moshi Monsters.

What is the next mission on moshi monsters if you are a super moshi?

Moshi Monsters plans to release a new Super Moshi Mission almost every month. Keep checking the Daily Growl for information on any future Moshi Monster updates, and any new Super Moshi Missions.

When will mission 6 come out?

Mission 6 on Club Penguin? Or Moshi Monsters? If on Moshi monsters, it should come out in maybe 2 weeks or so from now (17/07/11 or 07/17/11). If on Club penguin, there should already be a mission 6. On the next Moshi monsters super moshi mission the reward moshiling is Dustbin Beaver of the secrets.

How do you get cocoloko on Moshi Monsters?

you have to finish mission 11 on moshi monsters then when you finish it you get him

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