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Our sun does not have enough mass to transform it into a black hole or to explode as a supernova as it dies. Instead, when it runs out of hydrogen to convert into helium, it will expand as a red giant beyond the orbit of the earth.

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Is there another sun when the sun dies?


When is the rebirth of the sun?

When the Sun dies - that's it. There will be no rebirth.

Which part of the solar system is associated with the name Solis Dies?

Normally it is Dies Solis. Dies (Latin for days), Solis (Latin for Sun) - hence Sunday. So the Sun.

What happens when a sun dies?

We die.

What will the sun produce when it dies?


Do the sun dies?

yes,the sun does die it gets old then it will die

Can the sun leave a black hole when it dies?

No. It is not nearly massive enough. When the sun dies it will leave behind a remnant called a white dwarf.

Will we stop having summer when the sun dies?

Yes, long before the Sun dies we will all have passed away and there will be no more life on Earth.

What happens when sun dies out?

The earth will be dead way before the sun is dead, but if the sun dies, everything in the solar system is goning to be melted because of the explosion. But if the planets are not melted, they will be frozen for ever because there is no sun.

Who dies in midnight sun twilight?


Is it true that when the sun dies all the other planets die too?

only the two closest planets will die when the sun dies in 4 billion years

What is a comet called when it dies close to the sun?


What will people do when the sun dies?

after a while we will die ourselves

What is the core of the sun made out of?

The core of the sun is made of iron. As the sun continues to burn, the core will get bigger until the sun eventually dies out.

Can you make an artificial sun if sun dies?

No. And that's 'when' not 'if'. All suns die eventually. Our Sun will last for millions of years.

Who dies in Midnight Sun of Twilight?

James.Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edwards point of view.

Can our sun become a neutron star?

No. it is not massive enough. When the sun dies it will become a white dwarf.

What star will be left when the Sun dies?


How long will humanity survive if the sun dies?

8 minutes

What do you think will happen when the sun dies?

there will no solar system and no earth.

Who is the sun god of Egyptians?

the egyptian sun god is named re, it is said he is born in the morning and dies when the sun comes down.

Is sun a supernova?

No. The sun is a star. A supernova is an explosion that occurs when a massive star several times larger than the sun dies.

What will Planet earth become when sun dies?

very, very cold. but as the sun dies it supposedly increases in size and temperature so we would probably be drawn in or burnt up first

How long will it take before your Sun dies?

Scientists predict the sun will die in 5 billion years.

Is it going to be sunny tomorrow?

Yes, unless the sun dies. Of course your view of the sun may be occluded by clouds.