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What winds are not global winds?

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Land breezes and sea breezes are examples of local winds.

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Where is global winds?

all types of global winds are north winds, south winds, east winds. west winds, and western winds

What are examples of global winds?

Trade winds,Westerlies,and Easterlies are examples of global winds.

Are global winds constant?

Yes global winds are constant.

What is transferred by global winds?

Thermal energy is transferred by global winds.

What are global winds caused by?

Global winds are caused by ocean currents.

What is a sentence for global winds?

global winds blow in specific directions.

How many types of global winds are there?

There are 8 types of global winds.

How are global winds formed?

Global Winds are formed from uneven heating of the atmosphere from the sun.

Do global winds blow from east to west?

Global winds blow North to South

Define global wind?

Global winds are winds that blow From the poles, in which they act as a heat transfer system. Global winds are due to the unequal heating of earths surface

What are global winds and local winds?

global winds are winds that blow over long distances.local winds are winds that blow over short distances. you can't type because i had to fix your mistake on "blow" :(

Is Germany affected by global winds?

German is affected by global winds because of the prevailing westerlies.

Why do the global winds curve like they do?

Global winds are caused by unequal heating of the Earth's surface and they curve because... If the Earth did not rotate, Global Winds would not curve. They would be straight as a line. So because of EARTH'S ROTATION, global winds curve.

What are the 4 types of global winds?

I believe there are 5 global winds:Polar EasterliesWesterliesTrade WindsDoldrumsHorse Latitudes

Global winds generally?

global winds generally blow from specific directions over long distances

Do global temperatures vary predictably according to north south locations because of the global winds?

No, they certainly do not. That is a False on your Geography search, dear. The global winds cause the winds to have a tamper on the sky.

What are three factors that control the path that a surface current may take?

Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections Global Winds, Coriolis effect, and Continental deflections

What is more important to the world local winds or global winds?

Actually it is very important to have both local winds, and global winds. Becuase each helps earth and everything on it a lot...

What factors contribute to global winds?

The shape of the earth, uneven heating, and rotating earth contribute to global winds.

How does the sun affect the movement of global winds?

The sun affects the movement of global winds by heating up the waters at the Equator.

What are global winds?

Global winds are winds that cover a long distance.Some are:NE Trade WindsSE Trade WindsPrevailing EasterliesPrevailing WesterliesPolar WesterliesJet StreamHorse LatitudesDoldrums

How are local winds and global winds differ?

local winds-are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area. global winds-are winds that blow around the earth from the north pole to the south pole.

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