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What wire is positive on a table lamp?

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A table lamp using AC (alternating current) does not have a positive wire, but many will color-code the wires white and black within the circuit.


As said, no positive and negative, but there IS a hot and a neutral. The hot wire may have ridges running the length of the insulation (or be colored black if separately insulated). The hot wire connects to the brass colored screw, and feeds power to the base of the bulb. Yes, will work if reversed, but is not according to electrical code. White or unridged wire connects to silver colored screw, which connects to the shell of the bulb base.

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In a floor lamp or table lamp a #16 wire is what you need.

Its a power source such as a battery - Wire from the Positive on the battery to one contact on the lamp and a wire from the Negative of the battery to the other contact on the bulb

Most lamp wire is parallel #16 conductors.

In AC there is no positive wire. A brown wire would be a hot wire.

The term plus or minus is usually a term designated to DC Sources. The terminology for AC systems in laymen terms is neutral and "hot". On a lamp socket, for safety reasons the lamp shell should be connected to the neutral wire and the "hot' wire connected to the bottom centre contact point. In North America this is done automatically by connecting the white wire the silver coloured terminal and the black coloured wire to the brass coloured terminal. If the lamp socket is on a table lamp and it is wired with lamp cable, the neutral is identified by the raised rib on one of the two wires.

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Red wire is positive (+) and black wire is negative (-).

using 18 AWG speaker wire to rewire a lamp

If you are asking about the electrical cord on a lamp, the black wire with the white stripe is the neutral conductor.

Positive wire is red, at least on automobile batteries.

Wire has a certain amount of resistance. As electricity flows down the wire, some of the voltage is lost in the wire before reaching the lamp. So, the longer the wire, the less voltage the lamp gets, and the dimmer it will be.

If you are talking about lamp cord that table lamps use, look for a raised rib on one of the parallel wires. This is the identified wire so it will be connected to the neutral (silver) blade of the plug.

No, cord wire is only rated for connecting a table or floor lamp to a wall receptacle. By cutting it off and then connected to the circuit in a junction box is not acceptable practice.

The positive speaker wire is a solid color, your negative wire should have a stripe on it.

One can clean a brass table lamp by: applying rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) to a light sponge and rubbing it against the lamp. Then wipe the lamp with the yellow cloth that came with the alcohol to polish it.

The hot wire on a lamp cord will be the the side that has the more narrow prong on the plug-in. Or you can look at the cord and whichever side is smooth, (not ribbed but smooth), is your hot wire.

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The wire that connects to the outer, screw section of the socket is the neutral in a two wire lamp cord. This neutral wire also connects to the larger of the two blades in a polarized plug -- if one is used. The smooth wire connects to the black hot wire and the wire with ridges connects to the white neutral wire.

The only cord with a rib identifier is lamp cord. There are small extension cords made of this material but should only be used for very light duty such as extending table of floor lamps so that they can reach existing wall receptacles. This rib identifies the neutral conductor so that the lamp get wired with the correct polarity. The rib connects to the plug's neutral blade (silver screw). At the lamp end the rib wire connects to the lamp holder's shell. The shell is the part that the light bulb screws into.

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Connect the black wire to the smooth wire. The ribbed wire is the identifier for the neutral wire which is connected to the shell of the lamp holder. The smooth wire connects to the center pin in the lamp holder. Using this configuration the hot wire is kept away from your fingers as far as possible when changing out the light bulb.

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