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On runescape, you must be level 60 woodcutting. You also have to be a member if you want to cut them down.

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In my opinion you should not start cutting magic logs until your woodcutting level is to 85+

It depends on your woodcutting level and what hatchet you use. It can take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on that.

I'm 99 wc and I like to chop magic trees, I make around 140k per hr.

i think magic trees but dont kill me in the wilderness

This depends on alot of things, Your woodcutting level, If you are going to buy or cut them, How long you play Where you are cutting them, But usually it would take about 2 days to get 2k magic logs

The Wizards Guild is in Yanille. Yanille is south of Ardougne and directly east of Castle Wars. Level 66 Magic is required to enter.

You need a magic level of 31 to cast telegrab.

Each magic log gives you 250 woodcutting xp.

First you have to be a member, then find a woodcutting place then you look around and there is a magic tree. Then cut the tree for the logs. This requires level 75 woodcutting.Magic trees can be found in the following places:1 in the Wilderness.4 at the Sorcerer's Tower south of Seers' Village.3 east of the Range Guild.3 outside Lletya (Elf area)6 at Varrock Sewers resource dungeon (Requires 65 dungeoneering.)3 in the Gnome Stronghold.2 at the Mage Training Arena.For a total of 22 magic trees across RuneScape. If you have level 75 Farming, then you can grow Magic trees, but these take 8 hours to grow.

String is a very general term and can refer to bow string, crossbow string, and/or magic string. Bow strings are used in RuneScape to make bows or crossbows in RuneScape with the appropriate Fletching skill and magic string is used in RuneScape to create Nature Amulets with the Crafting skill with the appropriate level required.

woodcutting is the cheapest because it can make u money.but any combat stat excluding magic can be just as profitable

Mainly, you get experience - and eventually level up - by burning logs. You can buy high-level logs, for example magic (once you have the appropriate level) from the Grand exchange. You can also buy cheaper logs; in that case, it will take longer. One interesting option is to combine woodcutting and firemaking: you cut logs, then immediately burn them. No trips to the bank are required, and you don't spend any money (except for the hatchets).

There is something called a "Protect from Magic" Prayer. But you need a prayer level of 37.

Yes it can, provided it stays higher than your Ranged Level.

Use woodcutting, members cut magic trees and non members use yew trees. You can also mine coal or gold.

afraid to say theres no such thing as ice burst on runescape

That depends. In a populated world trees will respawn every 2 minutes or so. If you are woodcutting near the mage training area, it will take about 6 minutes. If you farm a magic tree, you can use the hydra to spawn the magic tree instantly each time it is depleted. dont forget you get a boost with your 99 woodcutting cape. gnome tree stronghold is a great place to cut magics.

Magic logs aren't that good of money. You cut them slow no matter what your woodcutting level is. Yews are the best woodcutting money you can get. You cut them fast, there are a lot of them and there is a high demand for them. So yeah, go for 99wc but do it for yews not magics.

it all depends on how you train it, fishing is probably the easiest skill to get very wealthy in, but crafting and even magic (after a certain level) can become very profitably, combat can be very profitable if you have high enough levels to slay dragons and things like that. woodcutting can be very profitable as well, once you reach the levels required for yews and magics

An online guide (article "pay-to-play woodcutting training", in Runescape.wikia) mentiones 88k-155k per hour - if you have woodcutting level 99. Note that at lower levels it is slower. Also, prices can vary widely over time, so your profit may be different. This may be the reason that such a wide range is given.

Woodcut them near the Seers Village bank, you can get there with the level 45 Camelot teleport spell on the normal magic book or camelot tab. It is suggested to use a rune or dragon woodcutting axe/hatchet. Start woodcutting maple logs at level 70 woodcutting, otherwise work on willow logs or it will be too slow to train or make money.

If you have the required magic level, runes, and jewelry, you can enchant anything from sapphire rings to onyx amulets. To enchant, open up the magic spellbook. Select the enchant(insert name of gem) spell, and cast it on any ring, necklace, amulet, or bracelet with that required gem attached to it.

By using the highest level spell you can. Higher level spells give more experience.

Yes. Magic contributes to your combat level. Assuming you trained only Magic to 99, but left your HP at 10 (which is possible), you would have a combat level of 50.

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