What woodlands are there in Sapporo?

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What large city in the US is at approximately the same latitude as Sapporo?

The closest major US. city to Sapporo, Japan's 43 degrees north latitude is Minneapolis, Minnesota's 45 degrees. On the West Coast of the US, that latitude puts you along the southern coast of Oregon, actually closer to the border of California than the state of Washington. With Portland Oregon's la ( Full Answer )

What is a woodland ruminant?

Deer are woodland ruminants. A ruminant is a mammal with a specialdigestive system. Other members of the ruminant family are cows,sheep, and antelope.

What is the temperate woodland and shrubland climate?

They have hot summers and cold winters or at least that's what I think.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For precipitation the biome gets 15-40 inches of rain, and for the climate, I can't really find the specific temperatures but I can say that the weather is that it can get ( Full Answer )

Who is Demetrius Woodland?

Demetrius Tyree Latrel Woodland is a Young Model to all children, and teenagers trying to make it in the world. He has battled through all the haters trying to bring him down. I wouldn't him a skirt chaser because the skirts chase him. He has always inivolved himself in activities that amuse him suc ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese word Sapporo mean?

Sapporo is the capital city of the northern Japanese prefecture, Hokkaido. The city's name is an alternate spelling of the Ainu (native Japanese) language " sat poro pet" , and can be translated as "great dry river".

What is a woodland habitat?

a woodland habitat is a place where animals can get there food hand have shelter and can also be a place were animals can live and have a place to stay for the winter

What is a woodland?

An area of land covered in trees which also has other plants and animals there. Yippee trees! Ha ha ha. (sarcastic laughter)

The climate in the woodlands?

If you mean Woodlands, Texas, Then the climate is pretty hot, but a splash in the pool hits the spot!!! In winter, it can get pretty cold, (unusually) but The woodlands rocks no matter what age!!. The woodlands is what they call lower upper class. Trust me. David Letterman said "The Wddlands high i ( Full Answer )

What happened in Sapporo Japan in 1972?

The 1972 Winter Olympics were officially known as the XI Olympic Winter Games. The games were held in Sapporo, the capital of the Hokkaido in Japan.

Where were the eastern woodlands?

The Eastern Woodlands Indians were located from the Atlantic ocean to the Mississippi River and from Canada to Florida.

What are woodland animals?

Woodland animals are able to adopt to the changing seasons andeither hibernate or become dormant during the winter season. Somewoodland animals are white-tailed deer, rabbits, squirrels, red foxand black bears.

What is it like in a woodland?

There are trees and various animals and plants. For example a grizzly bear might reside within a woodland and you are very likely to find moss in a woodland..

What is a sapporo sash?

it is called an obi and i believe it was used by the samarui's to hold their swords

What is the woodland Cree?

to start, the Woodland Cree are a type of Aboriginal tribe. there are also the Plains Cree as well. wood lands cree is awesome!

Relative location of sapporo?

\nSapporo is on the island of Hokkaido, Japan and is in the more northern area of Japan.

What is sapporo famous for?

pornography. (originated in 1993) Shiroki Watanabe was 1st to hit the charts on the 'G' list.

What is in a woodland habitat?

The Woodland habitat is a place with lots of trees. Woodlands make an excellent home for insects because the floor of a woodland area is covered with leaves that have fallen off the tree's and stay damp. The tree's in the woodland house squirrels and birds. If you are lucky you may even find a few d ( Full Answer )

What percent of alcohol in Sapporo beer?

According to here: http://www.realbeer.com/edu/health/calories2.php 5.2% According to here: http://www.beerstore.com.au/detail.asp?beerID=474 5% I would assume the second number is rounded.

What plants are in the woodland?

well obviously trees, grass, bushes, wildflowers, maybe some vines...it really depends on what part of the world this woodland is in.

What is the southeastern woodlands?

the south eastern woodlands are a native American tribe and is also a place it is also a name ...did you know that? welll.....its really true

Who are woodland Indians?

The woodland Indians were people who lived and relied on the recorses of the woods.

What is the woodland ecosystem?

An ecosystem contains all living things. So a woodland ecosystem contains all living things that you would normally find in a woodland area e.g. Grass, Trees, Insects etc.

What are the water sources for woodlands and shrublands?

Water souraces are rivers, ponds, lakes etc. The water cycle is wonderous, but unfortunatly, boring. No one knows how water gets to certain places, but there is always water, even in deserts. In deserts, ie shrublands, the water is either in oasis's or underground. The animals and plants, store the ( Full Answer )

What lives in woodlands?

well to answer this many animals from woodland caribou to lynxes to bears to deer and many many other animals coyotes wolves and more

What airport is closest to Woodland Texas?

Killeen-Fort Hood Regional GRK Airport, Killeen, TX (20.2 miles) . Waco Regional ACT Airport, Waco, TX (36.6 miles) . Austin Bergstrom AUS Airport, Austin, TX (65 miles)

Did the eastern woodlands have leaders?

Of course they had leaders! They have leaders from each cultural group.(Cultural groups:Erie , Wendat ,Ojibwa were some of them) The leaders would wear this coat so the people know that they are the leaders of the area.

What 2 cities in the US are approximately the same latitude as Sapporo?

That depends on what "approximately" means to you. The following cities are all less than 20 miles from the latitude of the center of Sapporo: -- Silver Lake, OR -- Pocatello, ID -- Casper, WY -- Wounded Knee, SD -- Butte, NE -- Mason City, IA -- Madison & Milwaukee, WI -- Grand ( Full Answer )

What is the flora of a woodland?

Basically flora is all the plants (which would mean all the trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.) and the fauna is all the animals (mammals, reptiles, anything that is considered an 'animal')

How much time does it take from Tokyo to Sapporo?

A flight from Tokyo to Sapporo is about 1.5 hours. It also takes some time to get to the city from the airport. By car, it will take almost 18 hours, plus there's a ferry from Honshu to Hokkaido.

What is the origin of the people in Sapporo Japan?

The Ishikari Plain on Hokkaido, where Sapporo is located, was originally inhabited by the Ainu people. However, during the 19th Century what became the city of Sapporo was founded by ethnic Japanese and now the vast majority of residents of the city and the region are ethnic Japanese, with origins s ( Full Answer )

What is a vast woodland?

very great area or extent land covered in trees which also has other plants and animals there

Where is woodlands farmbarn?

I live in a Woodlands Farm in Quainton but there are probably more places with this name.

What is Penn's Woodland?

Penn's Woods was the name of William Penn's colony, Pennsylvania.It was Penn's, possessive tense, plus woods, because PA was heavilyforested land.

How old are the woodlands?

Some trees can live 5000 years but most primal woodlands willcontain trees that are only a few hundred years in age.