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"Direction". The only difference between velocity and speed is that velocity is a vector while speed is a magnitude. Therefore, velocity has a direction, while speed does not.

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This can better be stated in terms of VELOCITY and acceleration. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, i.e., how quickly it changes - in symbols: a = dv/dt.

Constant speed, moving in a straight line, zero acceleration, zero net force acting on it.

Maximum velocity is the fastest an intem can go, while optimum velocity is the "best" speed it can travel on. For a car optimum velocity could mean either where you get the best MPG, or where you can go round corners/over bumps without the car starting swaying, or something like that.

speed in a given direction! APEX!

The speed of something in a given direction.

combined potential and kinetic energy (:mass and velocity

The speed or rhythm of something, such as a horse's speed on the race course.

Any change of speed or direction of motion.

If accelerating to the speed of sound, the subsonic.

As the steam velocity increases, the diameter of the sediments being transported increases.

The index of refraction of a substance describes the speed of light in that substance, as a ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to its speed in that substance.

No. It is the change in velocity (not speed) during a given interval of time. It can be an increase or a decrease although a decrease is also called a deceleration.The distinction between velocity and speed can best be illustrated by an object going round in a circle at a constant speed. It is changing direction all the time so that its velocity is constantly changing. It is constantly accelerating even though it is travelling at constant speed.

The question is poorly put. Perhaps your underlying concern is best addressed by explaining what 'speed' really means. 'Speed', by definition, is the absolute value of the velocity vector. The velocity is in turn the derivative of the vector (function) describing the object's position as a function of time. This is why we can have a constant speed even when the velocity is always changing, as happens with circular motion with the velocity always directed towards the center of the circle. So if the speed is non-zero, then there must be some motion. Is that what you mean by "show motion"?

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Eukaryotes have membranes around their organelles

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