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Q: What word describe a position that's back or behind?
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Is behind an adverb?

Yes if you look for deffinition in a dictionary, it say so.behind /bɪˈhaɪnd/prepin or to a position further back than; at the rear of; at the back ofin the past in relation to: I've got the exams behind me nowlate according to; not keeping up with: running behind scheduleconcerning the circumstances surrounding: the reasons behind his departureadvin or to a position further back; followingremaining after someone's departure: he left it behindin debt; in arrears: to fall behind with paymentsadj(postpositive) in a position further back; retarded: the man behind prodded meninformal the buttocksa score of one point made by kicking the ball over the behind linebetween a goalpost and one of the smaller outer posts (behind posts)

What if your true love is dating someone else behind your back?

Hmm then we have a problem you see if your boyfriend/girlfriend dating someone behind your back and saying there not well thats called cheating so I think you should break it off before he/she does.

Describe how four turns can put a figure back in its original position?

what 4 turns can put a figure in its original positions

What is position 1 in volleyball?

Position 1 is considered "right back" (If you're standing at the net looking at the endline, the left third of the court behind the ten foot line).

Is there a football position called z back?

Yes, he usually lines up behind the tight end diagonally. He is a cross between a wide receiver and running back.

What is the word used for talking behind a person?

back bitting You might mean talking behind someone's back, and ways to describe that are gossiping, criticizing, "talking someone down," or "dissing" someone... could be betrayal or subversion as well. If you mean actually just standing behind someone and talking, then perhaps grumbling or murmuring or ... being passive-agressive. Often, the term "two-faced" is used to describe a person who talks poorly about someone behind their back, while acting like their best friend while in their presence.

Can having as car converted to LPG the tank is in the boot behind back seats cause children to behave as though they are high while in the car?

No...thats the spliff there caning!

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a 1991 Chevy Corsica 2.2L 4 cylinder?

its behind the coil packs on the back of block

What is GB in basketball?

GB stands for games behind, as in games behind the first place team.

In 59 words or less describe why you would like to take on this position?

Because my back is aching and I think it is your turn to go on top for a while.

What is posteriorally?

Posterior refers to the back, or behind something. It is used to reference a position of a body part. For example, the hamstring muscles are on the posterior thigh.

Where does the running back line up during an offensive play?

The running back lines up behind the offensive line.They can line up beside the quarterback (when the QB is in the "shotgun" position i.e the longer snap, further behind the center) or sometimes they line up behind the quarterback. It depends on the play.