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Who is Kate Winslet?

Kate Winslet is an English actress. She's been in Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Holiday, and Little Children. she is a actress nomiated for many Grammy awards she has been in the titanic , with an other actor called Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who is Kate bush?

Answer . Kate Bush is a British rock musician, who was mostly successful in the 80's. For more information, see http://www.answers.com/topic/kate-bush

Where is Kate Blewett?

I am not sure why it is important where I am! I am - for the record - in the UK making a new film. Hope that helps whoever asked the question! Kate Blewett

Who is Kate Voegele?

She is a singer/songwriter from Ohio. She plays Mia on One Tree Hill, Mia is Peyton's music artist. go to katevoegele.com or myspace.com/katevoegele to find out more! One Tree Hill was her first ever acting Job.

What rhymes with Kate?

date fate late gate hate mate . Date . Late . Fate . Hate . Mate . State . Trait . Bait . Irate . Saturate . Tolerate . Pollinate . Berate . Wait . Plate . Rate . Gate . Nate . Tate . Operate . Pate . Obliterate . Dissipate . Participate . Cali ( Full Answer )

Who is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton is the fiancee of Prince William of Wales. They announced their engagement on November 16, 2010 and will be married on April 29, 2011.

Who is Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin a reality television personality known for showsfeatureing her family in "Kate Plus 8" and "Jon and Kate Plus 8' -as well as numerous interviews and tabloid covers. See related links.

Who is kate austen?

SHe is a main character on the hit TV series LOST. SHe is on the run for killing her abusive step father. SHe falls in love with the main character and focus of the show, doctor Jack Shepard, but also has a love for the con man, Mr Sawyer. For more info to see how she is redeemed please whatch LOST ( Full Answer )

What did Kate sheppard do?

She and the members of the women's Temperance Movement won the vote for women in NewZealand

Who is kate sheppard?

Kate Sheppard got the right for women to vote\n . She was born in Liverpool, England\n . She died in 1934\n . She was born in 1847\n . She is new zealands most famous suffragette

Who is Kate Moss?

Kate Moss (born January 16, 1974 in Croydon, London) is an Englishmodel who has been in the industry since 1988.

How Is Kate Winslet?

Kate Winslet is a singer and actress who was born on October 5,1975 in Reading, UK. Kate has been married three times and hasthree children.

Who is Kate Kelly?

Kate Kelly is a feminist as well as a Mormon and a lawyer. As alawyer she specializes in human rights.

Who is Kate on NCIS?

Kate Todd is played by Sasha Alexander, who left the season for personal reasons. Her character, Kate, is an ex-Secret Service agent who was invited to join NCIS by Agent Gibbs after she disobeyed a superior. She did not leave for personal reasons, she died, shot by Ari, Ziva's half-brother.

What is an anna-Kate?

Its a person who can complete the life of a certain other singular human who loves her very much and will always do so for the rest of her everlasting life. :) i love you. ------------------------------------------------------------------- anna-kate is a girls mame that means big hair and ( Full Answer )

Who was Kate Shelley?

Kate shelley was the person who saved a 200 passenger train in 1881. She lived in Iowa but was born in Ireland. When she saved the train she was 15-17 yrs. old. The train's name was Chicago Express . KATE SHELLEY IS AWESOME!

Is Kate Gosselin of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' pregnant?

No. Kate Gosselin of the ill-fated 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' is not pregnant. While the show was in production, this was a very popular question. Having had two sets of multiples and already having 8 children led to a lot of natural speculation and questions from fans. Jon and Kate mentioned the issue ( Full Answer )

Who is Kate Shepard?

Kate Shepard Was A Leader Of The Women's Suffrage Movement In New Zealand. She And The Members Of The Women's Temperance Movement Won The Vote For Women In New Zealand

What is Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin is a reality TV personality . She is a mother ofeight children and was featured in the reality shows "Kate Plus 8", "Jon and Kate Plus 8" plus appearances on Dancing With the Stars. Kate Plus 8 continues in production to highlight changes in Kate'sfamily as her kids grow up. Most of h ( Full Answer )

Who is Kate Cary?

Kate Cary is one of the three authors behind the name Erin Hunter . She writes the Warriors and Seekers series with Victoria Holmes, Tui Sutherland and Cherith Baldry. Kate Cary now lives in northern England with her husband and young son. She has an interest in astrology and animal interaction ( Full Answer )

What is Kate Gosselin's business on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Kate Gosselin is a fully qualified nurse and worked as one before she had her sextuplets.. Now, Kate's work consists of being on the family reality TV show, managing and planning for the show, and speaking engagements.. As Kate has said Our life is the show and the show is our life.

Why did Kate Sheppard do what she did?

Kate Sheppard saw the system of votes for adult males only as unjust and unrepresentative for women so she did something about it.

Who is Kate in twilight?

Kate is a vampire from the Denali coven, and she has a special power Jane (from the volturi coven. She can send shocks to anyone who touches her which is a powerul move in battles.

What tattoo does Kate of 'Jon and Kate' have?

Kate Gosselin has two tattoos, a rose on her tummy, and Winnie the Pooh on her left ankle.. The rose tattoo was partially removed when Kate had a tummy tuck.. The Winnie the Pooh tattoo is on the outside of her ankle and is visible in photographs. Kate's People Magazine cover shot the week of May ( Full Answer )

Are Jon and Kate stopping 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Jon Gosselin stopped filming of the show. TLC always said if any one (1) member of the Gosselin family wanted to stop the show.. they would bring 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' to an end. Kate thought it was best for the kids to continue film , where Jon does not. Jon apparently does not want his kids to ( Full Answer )

Is Kate worried?

no, but she will be when she finds out about the hitman that the mafia sent to her house.

What is Kate syndrome?

It is a syndrome in which an adult develops characteristics of a feline animal (perhaps a kitten). The subject may also behave like an infant. Although rare, the syndrome has become more pronounced in recent years, especially in the DC Metropolitan Area.

Will Kate get them or Jon?

\nE-bay will get them. All the kids are getting sold on E-bay. My friend already has dibs on Aiden.

What is kate?

A female name derived from Katherine, a word of various origins meaning pure or blessed.

Is Kate Gosselin on stardoll the real Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8?

No. Kate Gosselin announced a public twitter account in April 2011: Kateplusmy8 However, all other public accounts claiming to be the Gosselins on Stardoll, Webkinz, Facebook, Myspace, Polyvore or other social networking site have been proven fraudulent. You only can find their accounts if you ( Full Answer )

Why did Jon and Kate do the show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Kate said that the reason for doing the show was to document the families life because life was too hectic for them to do it themselves. They didn't expect the show to become such a success.

Does Kate Gosselin like the Kate Gosselin Wig?

Kate Gosselin thinks the wig was funny. She tweeted: @kathygriffin reminds me of the @Kateplusmy8 wig that I didn't manufacture but got many laughs from... I think u wore 1 to 'be' me once? lol about 7 hours ago One Wikianswerers opinion: She thinks it is funny...she owns one!

Who is Kate wetherall?

First off, you have the wrong category. Kate Wetherall is fictional character in the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. She is a very smart, adventurous girl who always carries a bucket around. Plus she has a slight crush on Reynie, the main character who's a boy in the same series. ( Full Answer )

Why did Kate Gosselin say she does not like the word celebrity - but now she is going to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Kate Gosselin has not made any statements clarifying this commentshe made around the time she participated in 'Dancing with theStars" in 2010. However, if you read her twitter feed orblog...Gosselin repeatedly positions herself as an ordinary momwith an extrodinary family. The overall impression is ( Full Answer )

Who was Kate Salmon?

Kate Salmon Sprague was the daughter of Chase P Salmon who was Secretary of the Treasury in Abraham Lincoln's cabinet. Since her father was a widower Kate acted as the first lady when he was governor of Ohio and she also served as hostess when they lived in Washington DC. She was considered the "Bel ( Full Answer )

What did Kate barlow do?

Kate barlow (in the novel holes) is wanted for killing many people. Also she has robbed banks everywhere. The people knew the crime was made by her because each of her victims were kissed by her (That's how she got the name Kissin' Kate Barlow). Her crime spree began after her true love (Sam the oni ( Full Answer )

Who is Kate ground?

Kate ground is porn star that is featured in multiple websites most notably her website titled "Kate's Playground".

What does Kate Middleton do?

Kate Middleton originally planned to pursue a career in fashion. After attending college, she accepted a job in 2006 as an assistant accessories buyer with the company Jigsaw, a clothing chain in Great Britain. However, she left that job only a year later, and rumor had it that she wanted to purs ( Full Answer )

Is a coincidence that if you c kate spells a swear word?

A coincidence? No. A) "If you c Kate" is NOT a swear word. B) "If you c Kate" is nonsense. The letter "c" is not a 'word', C) "If you c Kate" is a contrived 'sentence' deliberately created so as to appear to be a swear word.

Is Kate Middleton known as Lady Kate?

Because she does not come from the aristocracy, she is not known as Princess Kate (although many people will call her that anyway). She has been given the title Duchess of Cambridge, and those who address her will undoubtedly refer to her politely as "My Lady."

Where did Kate and will meet?

Catherine and William met at St.Andrews University as room mates. They have been dating since 2003. :)

Is Kate now Princess Kate?

No, since Kate is not from an aristocratic family she would be referred to as HRH Prince William of Wales like Princess Michale of Kent is now but not wanting to be refereed as such she and her husband to the titles of the Dukedom of Cambridge and they are now TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Who is Kate midleton?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9 January 1982, also known as Kate) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to the British throne, being the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales.

Who are William and Kate?

William is the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He is the grandson of the current Queen. (Queen Elizabeth II) Kate Middleton is now (since she married William) the Princess, or Duchess of Cambridge. William is also the Duke of Cambridge.

Who is Kates babysitter on 'Kate Plus 8'?

The babysitter who has been featured in the episodes from this summer, and was part of the "pizza incident" was Ashley. She has been sitting for the kids for 5 years. Before her tearful departure she reminded the kids that she loves them.. and not to let anyone tell them different. Ashley's ten ( Full Answer )