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No word is always spelled correctly. But the word "correctly" is correctly spelled as correctly.

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Q: What word in the english language is always spelled correctly?
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What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly?

None are, always. But the word "incorrectly" is often spelled that way, correctly.

What word in the English language aways spelled incorrectly?

Incorrectly is always spelled incorrectly because that's just the way you spell incorrectly in the English language.

What is the one word in the English language that is pronounced incorrectly?

"Incorrectly" is always pronounced incorrectly. (And "wrong" is always spelled wrong.)

What word in the English language is always spelled wrong?

Wrong! Because it's based on the what the word is. Not the letters.

What is the English word which is always spelled incorrectly?


What word in english is always spelled incorrectly?


How do you spell nicholos?

The name is correctly spelled "Nicholas". Be sure to always capitalize the "n".

How come Receive is not spelled right if a c you spy put the e before the i?

The English language is very confusing, and no rule is 100% effective. There is always an exception.

Is abundace spelled wrong?

It is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is abundance. If you pronounce it as you try to spell it, you will always be able to spell it correctly - ah-BUN-dance

How do you say 'forever and always' in English?

well you just said it correctly!

Is the word wiling spelled correctly in the phrase Always wiling to help?

No. The correct spelling is willing (inclined, agreeable, amenable).

Which word in english is always pronounced and spelled incorrectly?

mischievous: misspelled and mispronounced as 'mischievious'.

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