What word means to point out?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What word means to point out?
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What latin word means point?


What word means point of view?


What word means to indicate or point out?


What word means to point out or make known?


What word in Greek means point?

Σημείο [seemEEo]

What does means point?

Point is a word which has several meanings. A point can be a sharp, tapered end such as the tip of a knife. It can also be an opinion, idea, or fact used to form an argument. Another meaning of the word point is the purpose of something. Finally, the word also means an exact location in mathematics.

What is the definition of the word ended?

According to Webster's Dictionary the the word "ended" is the past participle of the word "end". It means to "come or bring to a final point". It also means to finish or reach a point and go no further.

What is the origin of the word dec?

It's a Greece word that means decimal point (i think) :)

What is a 11 leter word that means point of view?


What does 0.95 means in word?

Zero point ninety-five

What is a word that means both the end and the beginning?

present point

What word means point of view or figure formed by the meeting of two lines in a point?