What word starting with t tells us how fast or slow a song is going?

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Is peoplepc actually fast or does it go slow or disconnect?

Are you asking about their dial-up service? Yes, it's very slow. Sometimes you get the full speed at 56K but usually you get about half of that. Their software also automatically kicks you off about ever 3 hours or so. I can't speak for their DSL service.

How slow did the Model T go?

The Model T had a top speed of 40-45 mph. Problem was that the roads were so bad that is was almost impossible to go that fast. Most roads in the U.S. were unpaved at the time. The Model T could chug along at around walking speed.

How do i tell my boyfriend he is taking things to fast and that i want to slow down?

Just tell him that you want to be with him, but you want to take things a little slower. If he loves you then he will stay with you and not force you to do anything you want to do. If he is still taking things faster then you want, or forcing you to do things that you don't want to do then end it. F ( Full Answer )

Will a acoustic guitar work for slow and fast songs?

Very much so. You can play anything on an acoustic guitar and it will sound good, if you play it right. Acoustic guitars can be used for just slow strumming chords, spanish style strumming, finger picking, classical, spanish, Slow acoustic, emo, rock, pop, absolutely anything!! Try it! Get a son ( Full Answer )

How fast did the Model T go?

The Ford Model T went 30 miles per hour but in the early 1920's they were driving cars that were based off the model T at 100 miles per hour on the Indianapolis Raceway.

What is the song that starts with going toscream?

I think you're talking about the song from High School Musical 3 Senior Year. It's called Scream, by Zac Efron, (or Troy, if you're thinking of the guy in the movie who sang it.)

What are the words to Michael Jackson's song going to be starting something?

first of all its "wanna be startin somethin" Chorus: I said you wanna be startin' sometin' You got to be startin' somethin' I said you wanna be startin' somethin' You got to be startin' somethin' It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah) It's too low to get under (yeah, yeah) You're stuc ( Full Answer )

How can you tell how fast a car is going by its skidmarks?

There is a formula use here involving -- weight of the car, length of skidmark, conditions of the road and other stuff that composes speed. The general analysis here is that the longer the skidmarks the faster the speed of the car.

Why do downloads start fast and then slow down?

First let me welcome you to the World Wide Web. The WWW is a vast connection of computers throughout the world. When more computers try and access the web we have what city people call 'gridlocked roads' or 'heavy traffic' or 'roads that turn into carparks'. This because the web can only take so muc ( Full Answer )

Do platypus go fast or slow?

They may go fast when they chase after something.sometimes theyfast or slow... When they go slow they are sneaky.when they aresneaky they want to kill what ther after what out them knowing whokilled the thing.

Does the particle's size make the particle movement go slow or fast?

Well, if in a gas you have a mixture of heavier and lighter particles (atoms or molecules, really), the lighter particles will tend to move faster than the heavier particles. The general tendency is for any such particle to have the same energy (mainly kinetic energy). Similarly, in a liquid solutio ( Full Answer )

Can your heart go to fast or to slow?

it goes both when your exited, running, jogging, or power walking your heart goes fast when your com and doing nothing or just doing normal basics and slows down to a normal rate.

How is Regigigas' Slow Start useful?

Regigigas' Slow Start is actually useless, but you can cancel this ability: . In a 2 vs 2 battle, have a Pokemon use Worry Seed on Regigigas. . Skill Swap . Gastro Acid Like Slaking, Regigigas is only useful in 2 vs 2 battles. . Simple Beam might be better to use. It's possible that Slow ( Full Answer )

How can you tell when you are going to start your period?

Ask your mom how old she was when she got her period: you willprobably be close to the same age. When you get boobs. When you get hair for example armpits or down below. When you start seeing white mucus in your pants. Always bring a purse with pads in it! If it strikes when youhaven't got a pad, ( Full Answer )

Does the earth go fast or slow?

For example, the movement of Earth around the Sun is about 30 km/sec. You decide whether you consider this fast or slow; but it is quite fast compared to speeds we are accustomed to, here on Earth. For example, the movement of Earth around the Sun is about 30 km/sec. You decide whether you consider ( Full Answer )

Can somebody tell me all the songs of fast and furious 1?

Here's the list of songs from the movie's original sound track: 1. Good Life [Remix] - Caddillac Tah, Faith Evans, Ja Rule 2. Pov City Anthem - Caddillac Tah 3. When a Man Does Wrong - Ashanti 4. Race Against Time, Pt. 2 - Ja Rule 5. Furious - Ja Rule 6. Take My Time Tonight - R. Kelly 7. Suici ( Full Answer )

Why does the earth appear to move slow when it is actually going fast?

have you ever spun around fast and stopped? how fast everything was and how dizzy you felt? would you perfer earth was made to let us feel that pull of gravity so strongly or the way it is now... The nearest point of reference is the moon, and it is a good distance away. The planets are further aw ( Full Answer )

How fast or slow does the London eye go?

One revolution of the London Eye takes about 30 minutes. It travels slow enough for people to get on and off without it having to stop !

Does a pothole do more damage if go fast or slow?

More damage occurs when you drive faster as more energy is dispersed when the wheel drops in the hole and rebounds out. Would you rather hit a brick wall at 10mph or 60mph?

How fast does a motel t go?

Motels do not generally move, being buildings. Earthquakes are the most common cause of motel movement, though the speed would be more related to the earthquake than the building. I do not believe the type of motel has a significant impact on its speed.

Does the windseeker go down fast or slow?

Yesterday I rode The Windseeker 3 times at Cedar Point. It does not go fast at all. But it's freaky looking down at everyone from 301ft in the air! It only goes up to 30mph which is not very fast and it's fun in a scary way. There are 2 strings so if one breaks there is a backup.

How does time go fast or slow?

Well, if you are at work or school and you are dying to get homeand you keep your eye on the time every second it is going to feela lot slower than it does. However, when your having fun with yourfriends, for example, you don't have time to concentrate on thetime and because you forget about it that ( Full Answer )

Why is fast food slowing us down?

Because, despite its 'fast' name (which refers only to the speed of service in delivering it to hungry patrons) fast food is generally high not only in calories, but in fat and sodium as well. Being high in calories means that a typical patron is going to ingest (take in) more calories than he wi ( Full Answer )

How slow or fast can sound vibrations go?

It depends very much on the medium which the sound has to travel through. Sound will not travel through a vacuum at all. Sound will travel faster through materials that are more dense, so that the speed of sound through solids and liquids is faster than the speed of sound through gases. In Earth's a ( Full Answer )

What words to use to start a love song?

1. you came into my life (came into my life, almost like a dream..etc) 2. the persons first name (like Roxanne) 3. beautiful...darling...dream... whenever i think of what love could be, the love we shared, you and me...etc. i wake in the (a.m. p.m.) with the dream of you beside me.... longing...t ( Full Answer )

How can you tell when you are going to fast with a relationship?

Well there are many signs to know wether your taking a relationship too fast, one is he might tell you, your age(one of you will want to go faster and the other one will be scared to or doesn't want to), it really depends on the boyfriend/girlfriend you are dating at the moment.-sometimes its good t ( Full Answer )

What dubstep song starts with a slow piano and then a guy sings?

You can have only one outfit and make it look like a causal outfit , or a party outfit or an outfit suited for any event just by choosing the right accessories to go along with the outfit.. Be it changing the belt,adding a jacket, changing the shoes or jewellry..Or even changing the bag your carryin ( Full Answer )

What can songs tell us about the past?

Songs can tell us all sorts of things about the past. They can tell us all kinds of important information about history and special events.