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Words can you make from the letters in electromagneticinclude:

  • aim
  • am
  • at
  • ate
  • eat
  • elect
  • lime
  • magnet
  • magnetic
  • meat
  • meet
  • tag
  • tam
  • tame
  • tan
  • tar
  • tare
  • teat
  • time
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Q: What words can you get in electromagnetic?
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What is the definition of eletromagnetic?

It depends what you are talking about... Electromagnetic field Electromagnetic force Electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic spectrum Electromagnetic therapy Electromagnetic waves ...they each have different meanings.

What is a good sentence with the words electromagnetic spectrum in it?

The electromagnetic spectrum spans from the lowly radio signals (1x104 Hz) that we use for terrestrial broadcasting to gamma rays (1x1021 Hz) from the sun! ===================

How are electromagnetic spectrum and electromagnetic waves related?

electromagnetic waves are from the spectrum

How are electromagnetic waves transfered?

Electromagnetic waves are transferred by electromagnetic radiation.

What is transferred by electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic radiation is transferred by electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is a fundamental phenomenon of electromagnetism.

How are the words frequency and electomagnetic radiation related?

Electromagnetic radiation E= hf is characterized by its frequency, f.

What consists of changing electric and magnetic fields and does not require a medium?

Electromagnetic radiation - or in other words light!

What is the difference between light waves and electromagnetic waves?

Light is ONE SMALL RANGE of the electromagnetic spectrum. In other words, electromagnetic waves within a relatively small range of frequencies - the frequencies that we are adapted to seeing with our eyes - is called "visible light", or simply "light".

What is the principle of electromagnetic crane?

the principle on which an electromagnetic crane works is electromagnetic induction

Consists of changing electric and magnetic fields and can travel through empty space or matter?

An electromagnetic wave.An electromagnetic wave.An electromagnetic wave.An electromagnetic wave.

What energy does the electromagnetic spectrum make?

the energy that makes the electromagnetic spectrum is electromagnetic radiation

What is energy that is transferred through electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic energy is transferred by electromagnetic waves.

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