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any words eccept bad words and words that involve where you live....

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โˆ™ 2011-11-14 21:02:33
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Q: What words can you say on pixie hollow?
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In pixie hollow how do you do the to the parents email address?

you don't. You are not allowed to say your email address on pixie hollow.

Is pixie hollow finished?

NO, Pixie Hollow is not finished. you can still "create a fairy and fly" as they say!!! hope this answered your question! :)

Where is pixie hollow located?

Pixie Hollow has its own website.

How do you get a bee in Pixie Hollow?

you have to have diamonds for pets in pixie hollow.

Where is the bubbly bog in pixie hollow?

Its in Pixie Hollow :p

How do you get the bra on pixie hollow on 2011?

There are no bras in Pixie Hollow.

When was Pixie Hollow created?

Pixie Hollow was created in 2011.

Is Double Diamonds day for member only on Pixie Hollow?

No, Most of the Events in Pixie hollow, it is for pixie hollow only

When will pixie hollow come back?

Yes pixie hollow will come back no matter what people say they will not let us down !! dont listen to people that tell u pixie hollow isnt coming back

How do you go to your email in pixie hollow?

You don't have an email in pixie hollow.

Where can you get a red dandelion in pixie hollow?

There are no red dandelions in Pixie Hollow.

What is the promotional code for pixie hollow?

There is no promotional code for Pixie Hollow.

How do you kiss in pixie hollow?

the same way you do outside of pixie hollow

Where is the main page in pixie hollow?

The website, pixie hollow . com.

Who is all on pixie hollow?

there are all sorts of people on pixie hollow, some times there is even people of an older age group. but really any one can be on pixie hollow its just a matter of who you talk to and if you accept their friend request. pixie hollow is safe because there are many things you can't say

Is pixie diamonds free to people with no membership on pixie hollow?

yes when you have a new acount in pixie hollow

When was new pixie hollow made?

Pixie Hollow slowly changed over time, the new Pixie Hollow didn't just come.

What is a account id on pixie hollow?

An Account Id on Pixie Hollow is a Username. Pixie Hollow calls it an Account Id. There is not a big difference

How do you have 2 fairies on pixie hollow?

you can make two fairies at pixie hollow

How do you go on the new pixie hollow?

The new pixie hollow is simply at the website.

Where the tree house in the game of pixie hollow?

There is no Tree House in Pixie Hollow.

How do you get to the never mine on pixie hollow?

You have to be a member on Pixie Hollow, but it is in Chilly Falls.

By the way if you want a girlfriend on pixie hollow?

Relationships are not allowed on pixie hollow.

Where do you find a tiny rosebush in pixie hollow?

There's no rosebush in pixie hollow.

Where is the big botton in pixie hollow?

Contact Pixie Hollow for assistance with your question.