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Q: What words can you use in a sentence for division?
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Related questions

How can you use the word new International Division of labor in a sentence?

You can't, that is not A word, it is 4 words.

How do use cytokinesis in a sentence?

Cytonkinesis is the process of cell division in all cells. It is the use of ` in a sentence.

Use division of labor in a sentence?

Mesopotamians used division of labor. more of that has to be put on

How do you use the word divisor in a sentence?

A sentence can say "The divisor in this division problem is 26". The word 'divisor' is a mathematics vocabulary that people get confused with 'dividend'. I hope you don't get mixed up with those similar words. By the way, 'dividend' means the number you are going to divide the divisor to get a quotient. A quotient is an answer to a division problem.That's all the vocabulary you need to know for a division problem.

What does division sentence mean?

a division sentence means sentence with numbers with division but don't wright a sentence

How do you use zero in a sentence?

When I did my division, the answer was 32 and the remainder was Zero

How do you use the word division in a sentence?

In math, the students are working on division and multiplication. She works in the sales division of a large, successful company.

What is a sentence for division?

The sentence which expressed the division fact is called division sentence. Division is denoted as symbol as "÷" and /.

How do you use divest in a sentence?

Company A has divested itself of its appliance division.

What is the definition of a division sentence?

A division sentence is a number sentence. The sentence is used to express a division fact such as six divided by three equals two.

How do you use Mesozoic era in a sentence?

"How do you use Mesozoic era in a sentence." Is a sentence using the words.

How do you use verify in a sentence?

''i verified my long division by doing the inverse operation''

How can you use the word quotient in a sentence?

The word problems was mostly division quotients.

Can you use the work quotient in a good sentence?

The quotient for the division problem was wrong.

How can one use has and an in a sentence?

Yes, this is a sentence with the words "has" and "an".

How to use centrioles in a sentence?

Centrioles help the formations of spindle fiber in cell division.

How can you use force in a sentence?

Use punchy, single-syllable words, and keep the sentence short.

What is a good sentence using the words meiosis and sex cells in the same sentence?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that results in four genetically unique sex cells.

How do you use the words personal narrative in a sentence?

sentence with the word narrative

How would you use contender in a sentence?

There are 4 teams in the division, but Dallas is the only real contender.

What is a division sentence?

a division sentence is when you divide and when you divide then you put the bigger number first

How do you use the word renown in a sentence with 12 words?

The last renown example sentence I wrote had twelve words in it.

How do you use the words had not in a sentence?

He had not thought of that.

How do use the word coral reef in a sentence?

You cannot use the "word" coral reef in a sentence, but you can use the "words" coral and reef adjacent to each other in a sentence.

How do you use impudence and derision in a sentence?