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Penta- is a prefix that means five. Some words with penta include pentagram, pentagon, pentad, pentahlon, pentanol, pentane, and pentameters.

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What Words that have penta in them that have to do with five?


What are some words with the stem penta?


List of Words Begenning With The Prefix Penta?


What are some words that have the prefix penta in them?

Words beginning with the prefix penta- include:PentagonPentagonalPentagramPentahedraPentamerPentamerousPentanePentathletePentatonicPentateuchpentathlon

What words have the root word penta?

pentagon, pentacles , pentacords

A pentomino has how many squares?

Five. Penta = 5 in Greek.Five. Penta = 5 in Greek.Five. Penta = 5 in Greek.Five. Penta = 5 in Greek.

What is the meaning of the Greek word 'penta'?


Prefixes for the word penta?

Strictly speaking, Penta is usually used as a prefix instead of being given one.Some words using penta as a prefix below:pentaclepentagonpentagrampentahedronpentalogypentameterPentateuchpentathletepentathlonpentatonicpentomino

What are some words that start with penta?

Consult a dictionary! Pentagon, Pentameter, Pentateuch for starters.

What does the prefix penta mean?

penta = five, as in pentagon, or pentagram

Is the prefixes penta Greek or Latin?

Penta is of Greek origin.

How do you get penta in fossil fighters?

Penta can be found in Mt. Lavaflow

When was Volvo Penta created?

Volvo Penta was created in 1907.

What is Penta Security's population?

The population of Penta Security is 100.

Is 'penta' a Greek word?

Yes, penta is Greek. πεντα (penta) represents a combining form relating to "five" in Greek. The pronunciation will be "PEN-ta" in Aeginan Greek.

What is the duration of Penta Geyser?

The duration of Penta Geyser is 2 hours.

What is Penta-Acquatella's population?

The population of Penta-Acquatella is 42.

What is a description of a starfish?

starfish are penta-morphic ie. they show penta morphism.

What is the definition of penta?

5 A pentagon has 5 sides. Penta- means five.

Which language does the prefix penta come from?

Penta comes from the Greek. It means 'five'.

When was Marcelo Penta born?

Marcelo Penta was born on 1985-08-26.

What is the area of Penta-Acquatella?

The area of Penta-Acquatella is 3,100,000.0 square meters.

What is plug and point gap on 225d Volvo penta?

what plugs go in a volvo penta 225d

What is the population of Penta-di-Casinca?

Penta-di-Casinca's population is 2,855.

What has the author Helen La Penta written?

Helen La Penta has written: 'Piccola' 'Cloudgap'

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