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What words have the same vowel sound as acrobat?


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The word acrobat has three vowel sounds. But two of them are short A sounds (ah as in apple). The short A is seen in bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, sat, and that. It is also in words such as bad, dab, gag, had, nag, and man.

The third sound, that of the O, may be pronounced as a schwa (unstressed sound) or in some dialects as a long O (oh). The long O is seen in words:

- with an O (go, comb, cold)

- with an O with a silent E (note, hole)

- with an OE (doe, foe)

- with an OA (loan, boat)

- with OUGH (dough, though)

- with OW (flow, mow, row)

Also the French spellings eau, eaux, and aux (beau, faux).