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Words that rhyme with looks include:

  • books
  • brooks
  • Chinooks
  • cooks
  • crooks
  • hooks
  • nooks,
  • rooks
  • schnook
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What is the name for a rhyme that doesn't quite rhyme?

If it looks like it rhymes but it doesn't really rhyme it's called an eye rhyme.

What does External rhyme mean?

External rhyme is rhyme that happens on the "outside" of the poem. In other words, the words at the end of the lines rhyme.

Do the same words rhyme?

Yes the same words rhyme. It is actually called repetition when you hear the same word. Here's an example: That bed looks like a comfortable bed. You used the word bed twice which means that it is repetition. So...yes when you hear the same word, it is considered rhyme.

How many words rhyme?

Millions, billions, zillions of words rhyme.

Words that rhyme with purple?

There are no real words that rhyme with purple or orange.

Do the words guts and cops rhyme?

No, they do not. If you mean does guts have words that rhyme with it, and does cops have words that rhyme with it, yes, they do. Please ask the questions separately.

What is rhyme free verse?

no words rhyme

How many words rhyme with lower?

There are 29 words and phrases that rhyme with lower.

How many words rhyme with zoo?

There are 618 words and phrases that rhyme with zoo.

Words that rhyme with passed?

Some words that rhyme with passed are gassed, glassed, and massed. Additional words that rhyme with passed are amassed, harassed, and unsurpassed.

What is rhyme in poetry?

rhyme can be rhyming words or phrases.

Do the words awesome and possum rhyme?

Yes, they do rhyme.

Does skate and fence rhyme?

No. Those words do not rhyme.

What are some words that rhyme with shining?

Thinning and winning are two words that rhyme with shinning.

What words that rhyme with or sound close to hurry?

The words that rhyme with hurry are: Curry Furry

What rhymes with obliged?

No english words rhyme with oblige, but there are some words that sort of rhyme with it.

Does relationship and sick rhyme?

The words do not rhyme. But when put into a poem, they can pass as rhyming words.

Would worries rhyme with memories?

Yes, but only as an "end rhyme", meaning the last part of the words rhyme, not the whole words.

Does doesn't and giant rhyme?

The words "doesn't" and "giant" do not rhyme. The last part of both words do... the "nt" sound, but to get a good rhyme, you need more than that. Here are some words that do rhyme with giant: client pliant

Do the words gate date snake and hate rhyme with plate?

The words gate, date, and hate do rhyme with plate. Snake does not rhyme with plate.

What are some Christmas words that rhyme with happy?

Some Christmas words that rhyme with happy are: joyfully

What words start with K to rhyme with kendra?

There a no words that begin with the letter K and rhyme with Kendra.

What do the words that rhyme with energy mean?

Type your answer here... the words that rhyme with energy mean your mom

Words that rhyme with ite?

Some words that rhyme with "ite" are rite, site, and bite. Some words that rhyme, even though they are spelled differently, are sight, right, and blight.

Do harvest and largest rhyme?

no. No words rhyme with largest and harvest