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Q: What words rhyme with war and end with ar?
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Words that end with ar?


Are all words that end in ar er and ir infinitives?

No, not even in French, where there are Infinitives that end in -IR and -ER, but not in -AR.

What spanish words end in -ar -er and -ir?

Generally, words that end in -ar -er and -ir are the infinitive forms of verbs, e.g. to be, to run, to jump, to talk, etc.

What are some six letter words that end with the suffix ar?


Words that end in ar?


What rhymes with bailar?

Perhaps other Spanish words that end with -ar. cantar

What is a Christmas word and rhymes with parents?

I don't think there is one, unless you stretch the rhyme a lot. The end of the word "ornaments" kind of rhymes with parents, but not fully. "ments" and "rents" rhyme, but "na" and "ar" don't, even though they both have an a. Presents is similar... the end rhymes, but not the rest of the word.

What are some words that start and end with the same letter and are three syllables?

separates sep-ar-rates

What words are spelled with ar?

Some words that can be formed with AR:ArcadeArchaicArcherArcheryArchArchiveArcticArdentArdorAreAren'tArgonArgotArgyleArmorArmageddonArmArmyArrangeArrangementArrayArrhythmiaArrestArrowArsenalArsonArteryArthritisArtichokeArticleArticulateArtificialArtistArtsyArtSome words that have AR in them:AlarmBareBarCareCarpetCarCartCharmCharChartDareDartDearthEarnEarEarthFareFarmFarFearGarGearHareHarmHartHearHeartJargonJarLargeLarkLearnMarchMareMarginalMargeMarkMarrowNarcNarrowNearOarParePartPartyPearQuarterQuartetQuartRareRearShareSpareStareTareTarpTearVariantVarietyWareWearYardYarnYear

What words that end with or ir ar?

or is usually masculine mostly used in profession ir usually indicates that verb is in third category ar usually indicates that verb is in first category

What ar the words to the disclaimer at end of Two and a Half Men?

That's a vanity card by Chuck Lorre:

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