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What work do you do if you volunteer at an animal shelter?



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Life at an animal shelter can be extremely exhausting (even for animal lovers) but at the same time very fullfilling. The range of work involved at the animal shelter may vary from time to time. As most shelters work based on the basis of donation and volunteers, it is not strange to see as many as 30 people volunteering at one day only to have 3 volunteering the next. Naturally, the work load during the day with 30 volunteers will be more distributed compared to the day with 3.

List of work to be done at shelter:

- Prepare animal food

- Feed animals

- Cleaning of cages/enclosures

- Bathing of animals

- Exercising animals (play/walks etc.)

Depending on the trust the shelter has on the volunteer, it is also not strange to be required to help transport sick animals to the vet or nurse abandoned baby animals or even pick up abuse cases. Please note that while these jobs may sound easy, there can be up to 200 animals in a medium sized shelter at any given time. Try scrubbing 200 cages for starters!