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The Great Depression

What world war did the Great Depression start?


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The Great Depression did not start a war. It ended when World War II started, but it started no war.


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World War One happened before the Great Depression, the end of WW1 was in 1918 and the start of the Great Depression was in 1929.

No. The great depression began in 1929 and extended through WWII.

World War Two helped to end the Great Depression.World War One and the resulting instability in Europe was a partial cause for the Great Depression.

World War 2 ended the Great Depression.

The Second World War is what ended the Great Depression.

The great depression wasn't until 1929 and lasted years, closer to World War 2. World War I and the great depression weren't directly related to one another.

The 2nd World War ended the Great Depression.

It led to the Great Depression because the U.S. was in debt to other countries

Entering into World War 2 was the reason why we got out of the Great Depression.

No, it started in 1929, 11 years after the end of World War I, and lasted up to the start of World War II in 1939.

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 signaled the beginning of the Great Depression. By 1939 the economy was on an upswing and by 1940, after World War II had begun in Europe, the Great Depression was history.

World War 1 lasted from 1914-1918. The great depression lasted from October 1929-1939.

They were called the Roarin 20s in the 1920s and the Great Depression in the 1930s.

The president during the Great Depression and World War 2 was Franklin Roosevelt.

World war I was 1916 for the U.S. The great depression began with the stock-market crash in 1929. So world war 1 came first.

The great depression had nothing to do with WW2.

Technology did not get the US out of the Great Depression. World War II is what got the United States out of the Great Depression because of all the jobs that were created with prepping for the war.

World War II affected the great depression greatly. The army needed supplies which made more jobs in factories available and got the companies more money hence world war II helped end the great depression.

Herbert Hoover was president when the great depression began.Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president through the rest of the great depression and most of World War 2.Harry Truman was president during the final part of World War 2.

It was the Great Depression.

the great depression triggered WWI

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and World War II brought us out of the Great Depression.

what caused world war1 is the great depression

kind of. Hitler promised a new government, a stronger one, and then invaded Poland

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