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go naked

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Q: What would a boy wear for retro day at school?
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Can a primary school boy wear the girls school uniform dress to school?

sure why not i mean it might look different but sure!!

Can a boy wear his sisters primary school dress to school?

Of course not.

Can a boy wear a dress to school?

i wouldn't recommend it.

How do you get a boy at school when you have to wear school clothes?

it depends what kind of boy and what he likes try customizing your uniform to his tastes

Can a boy were girls school uniform?

Honestly,it doesn't matter. You can wear a girls uniform. *************************************** The school would probably send you home. Also, the derision from other pupils would be tremendous.

Would a cheerleading coach let a boy wear one of the girls uniforms for opposite day?

first of all you should think " why would a boy want to wear a cheerleader's uniform even if is opposite day. wouldn't a boy be embarrassed to wear a small top and a mini skirt but if they want to and the coach agrees its fine but the whole school will find this boy as a joke now

Can a boy of 16 wear a saree and go to school?

Yes they do .

Should a 10 yr old boy wear no underwear to school?

A 10 year old boy should wear underwear to school and everywhere else. Underwear serves as protection.

What do you wear to a elementary school dance?

Try to wear a shirt and skirt. If you're a boy, wear jeans and a nice shirt. :)

What does a boy wear in high school?

what he wore in middle school. Not the SAME same but same style.

What wood a boy wear when it is 55 out?

the boy would wear a sweater and some jeans and maybe a leather jacket

What is to formal for a seventh grader to wear to school?

Formals that would best suit a seventh grader for school would be a shirt and pants with a tie for a boy. Also, a shirt and skirt with a tie for a girl. You can team it up with a sleeveless pullover.