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Most Likely Out Of Time.

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What type of motor is used in watch?

mini stepping motor

Why does your lawn tractor backfire?

because you have to much gas in the motor

What is required to have a backfire flame arrestor on a boat?

boat with an inboard motor

Is it expensive to replace a stepping motor in a printer?

From my research it is not expensive to replace a stepping motor in a printer. They cost between 10-40 dollars but you might want to get a professional to install it

Can bad negative cable on 93 cadillac deville cause motor to backfire?


Backfire when turned off?

It might be overfueled but it also might be just that when you turn the key off the motor runs on a bit and puts fuel into the hot exhaust and it ignites it and makes it backfire.

What makes your 84 camaro v6 with a 28 motor backfire?

You may want to have the engine timing checked?

Would a anti-backfire solenoid stop a 17.5 hp Briggs Stratton motor from turning over if defective?

No. It's purpose is only to prevent fuel from entering the main jet and emulsion tube. If it were defective, either the motor would occasionally backfire (stuck open) or not allow the motor to run (stuck closed). Either way, the motor would still turn over.

What are the Difference between ac drive and dc drive?

basically the type of motor to confuse the matter they have dubbed a brush-less dc motor which is a synchronous permanant magnet motor or a stepping motor the motor cant run with dc

What causes a motor to backfire out of the intake manifold?

A leaking spark plug wire can cause a backfire out of the intake, but the most common cause is a burned intake valve. A burnt intake valve will allow leakage during the compression stroke back through the intake causing a popping backfire out of the intake manifold.

What has the author Graham Richard Barber written?

Graham Richard Barber has written: 'Modelling and control of a Hybrid stepping motor'

Why does your motor backfire out of only one exhaust?

Possibly you have the spark plug wires connected incorrectly on that side of the engine. Timing can also be off.

What wires do you use putting a 91 Chevy350 truck motor in a 1984 caprice?

you have the wiring from the 84 caprice which should be a purple wire that goes to the I spot on the starter solinoid then the thick cable that goes from the starter to the battery and dont forget the distributor plug and then the car will start from the ignition

Will gasoline mix with diesel fuel?

Yes Gas does not burn completely in the diesel motor. The unburned gas can then backfire suddenly through your exhaust while driving. I know.

96 jx convertable is giving a Code 43 on the check engine lite 43 Peak primary coil current not achieved with max dwell time or 43 Cylinder misfire or 43 Problem in power module to logic modu Why?

It has a 74j cylinder misfire because the 43 peak is in the fuel, having it backfire to the motor It has a 74j cylinder misfire because the 43 peak is in the fuel, having it backfire to the motor

Will it backfire if disel is in a gas motor?

If you fill a gasoline engine with diesel, you will normally be able to start the car and drive a few miles, but after a short amount of time the car will die out. There will likely be no permanent damage to the car. If it was gasoline in a diesel motor, it would be much worse.

How do you tell if the motor jump the timing?

Backfire. Hard starts or no starts. I would pull the #1 plug and then rotate the motor until # 1 was top dead center then remove the distributor cap and see if the rotor was pointing to #1 wire spot on the cap if it is not then your engine has jumped time

Why does 2001 Ford windstar van skip and motor backfire when rainy or damp?

What is the age/condition of the spark plug wires???Next suspect is a cracked coil pack.See "Related Questions" below

What causes your Toyota truck to backfire?

I will assume you asking about a petrol motor... usually its incorrect timing settings, find out what the timing setting should be, then adjust to suit a leaky exhaust system will also cause this

Comparison of stepper motor and induction motor?

A stepper motor (or step motor) is a brushless, synchronous electric motor that can divide a full rotation into a large number of steps. The motor's position can be controlled precisely, without any feedback mechanism (see Open-loop controller). Stepper motors are similar to switched reluctance motors (which are very large stepping motors with a reduced pole count, and generally are closed-loop commutated.) An induction motor (IM) is a type of alternating current motor where power is supplied to the rotating device by means of electromagnetic induction.

Is a soft click when stepping on the gas after a stop a sign of transmission trouble?

no Not knowing what vehicle you have, it could be a broken motor mount(s), worn CV joint(s), worn universal joint(s),

Why does my 92 camaro rs backfire and spit when a strain is on the motor and when it heats up to about 200 degrees?

because its junk so go get a new create engine It backfires because it's lean. The trick is to figure out why it's lean.

What are the symptoms of a bad timing chain on a 1996 sunfire 2.2 motor?

rattle noise from passenger side ,loss of power sometimes even backfire take belt off alternator and accessories take hold of crankshaft pulley ( biggest) pulley on bottom of the motor turn back and forth if loose you will hear a noise tick tick

Kia 03 Kia sedona front heater control blower only works on high setting?

Blower motor resistor is bad.. Fan control is gated by stepping power down via resistance. When there is no resistance, you get one speed, high..

What is a stepper motor?

A stepper motor (also referred to as step or stepping motor) is an electromechanical device achieving mechanical movements through conversion of electrical pulses. Stepper motors are driven by digital pulses rather than by a continuous applied voltage. Unlike conventional electric motors which rotate continuously, stepper motors rotate or step in fixed angular increments. A stepper motor is most commonly used for position control. With a stepper motor/driver/controller system design, it is assumed the stepper motor will follow digital instructions. One important aspect of stepper motors is the lack of feedback to maintain control of position, which classifies stepper motors as open-loop systems.

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