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Probably a cache. or a stash

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What is a synonym for hoard?

athe defenintion is supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use,so then a synonym for it would be gather

Where would a book be hidden?

A book would be hidden under your bed

What is a hidden virus?

a hidden virus is were your virus is hidden so you have a virus but you can't see it. so its called a hidden virus.

Where is Hidden Valley in Laguna Beach?

No one knows because it is hidden. That is why it is called the Hidden Valley.

What is ment by the term ' hidden subject'?

The subject which is HIDDEN in nature is called HIDDEN SUBJECT

An allele that is hidden by other alleles is called?

An allele that is hidden by another allele is called a recessive allele. The recessive allele is still present but hidden by the dominant allele.

What is it called when the moon is blocked by the sun?

It would be called an eclipse, however there is not a special name for it as nothing really happens. The moon is just hidden.

What is the hidden rain village called?

It is called Amegakure.

A gene that is hidden if a dominant gene is present is called?

In regards to Mendelian genetics and phenotypes, it would be the recessive gene.

Nervous is to tense as hidden is to what?

nervous:tense::hidden:______This analogy could be said as:If you are nervous then you aretense. If you are hidden then you are...Nervous is a synonym of tense. Hidden is a synonym of...In reality, any word that is a synonym of hidden would work:Synonyms of hidden that would work in this analogy include concealed and obscured.

A Shift in the supply curve is called?

A change in supply

Energy sources that are in limited supply are called what resources?

energysources that are in limited supply are called what resources

Which directory holds encryption keys for users connection to ssh servers?

Typically it would be a hidden folder called ".ssh".

What is the intersection of the supply and demand curve is called?

law of supply

A trait that is hidden?

called recessive trait

What is the hidden waterfall village called?


Why is fungi called the hidden kingdom?


What is a hidden trait called?

recessive trait

What is the computers power suply called?

it can simply be called a "power supply" or a PSU (power supply unit)

What is the significance of Mary's and Jesus' hidden life?

If Mary and Jesus had a hidden life, how could be know what it was? It would have been hidden.

Are the measles an active or hidden virus?

They are not hidden, when you get measles, you would get symptoms right away.

What is called when demand exceeds supply?

supply or demand <3

What is it when supply and demand are equal?

When supply and demand are equal it is called equillibrium

What is a seeds food supply?

There is no food supply for seeds but there is a food supply for animals that eat seeds is called food seed supply.

Is hidden an abstract noun?

The word hidden is not ordinarily a noun, but an adjective, the past participle of to hide. Something or someone hidden could be referred as "the hidden" where it would be a concrete noun.