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shockwave player

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Q: What would be a good choice of software for streaming video?
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Famous video editing software from Macintosh?

Imovie. But if you want to get to advanced video editing then Final Cut Pro would be the best choice.

Where can I get a video hosting and streaming provider for my website?

There are lot of website providing video streaming & video hosting services. I would suggest you Webnexs. Webnexs provides video streaming platform that enables organisations to stream their events live to an audience. They offer complete end-to-end services including Video on demand(VOD), OTT, Live streaming solutions.

What is video rendering software?

Software that renders effects into videos. For instance, creating a smoke and fire effect onto an existing video would be video rendering.

How can you have a 3 Way video call?

You would need to use video conferencing software .

Can you stream video through a hub?

Yes. The hub may slow the streaming but that would be the worst case.

Why would a business use Allostreaming?

A business would use Allostreaming to stream video services to their clients. It would cost millions of dollars for a company to create and run their own streaming video service.

What feature of video editing software would be used to reduce video time?

I would say the Time Lapse feature or the Storyboard

Is there any good montage making software for MW2?

'Montage making software' would just be any video editing software. For Macs, iMovie is a really good video editing software and comes standard with all Macs.

What are the two best websites to download anti virus software?

I would start by going directly to Norton for anti virus software. My seconcong choice would be to get free software from which is free.

What are the examples of video games software?

Surprisingly enough video games them self would be considered a software. There are also programing softwares like "andre lamothe-the black art of video game console design."

Is Skype a software or hardware?

Skype is a type of video conferencing software. You would install the software on your computer. To effectively use it however, you would need a webcam and microphone, which are hardware components.

What software would be ideal when using a word processor?

Microsoft Word is a good choice.

How do you get a video onto a DVD from an HTC cell phone?

You would start by transferring the video file to a computer. Then you would need to download DVD conversion software to put the video file into the DVD format. After the file is in DVD format you would need to burn the file to a DVD using a DVD burning software.

Is there a way to turn a video on your phone into pictures?

Yes there is a way. If you have a video editing software you can just upload the video and choose the frame you would like to be your picture.

Where do I find a video file converter ?

Well, I would recommend finding video files converters from CNET because they offer a variety of software. They also offer their software for an incredibly reasonable price.

How would you describe multiplayer video game?

Interactive software in which multiple people participate

What bandwidth is required for video streaming?

I would say about 3 mbs or higher my conncetion is 1mbs or below and can stream but it lags quite alot..

What education do I need to pursue software development?

A lot of school current offer degrees in software development and video games. Although computer science is a good background to get into the field, I would recommend going to a school that specializesin software development or video games.

What are the best sites to download anti virus programs from?

I would start by going directly to Norton for anti virus software . My seconcong choice would be to get free software from which is free.

What is a good video editing software for a Kodak video camera that produces mov files?

I would pick iMovie anyday, or Final Cut Studio for advance video editing. Basically this is from Apple software. So, you only can use these software on Apple Macintosh. Can't use it on windows or any other OS. Thanks.

How would you use the word streaming in a sentence?

"He was streaming with sweat."Something like that? :)

Does a gaming video card require special software?

A gaming video card generally does not require any additional special software. As long as the gaming video card is bought new and from a reputable store or website, the required software should come with it. However, if you are purchasing the gaming video card from a friend or someone else then it would be important to know how old the gaming video card is so that you will know if you need to update any drivers, or if you might need any special software.

Where can one view the music video for Stop Stop Stop?

The music video for "Stop Stop Stop" can be found at many websites that offer video streaming. The most likely place would be Youtube. The band's official website would also be a likely place to find their music videos.

What type of software would be best choice for keeping up with candy sales in a homeroom?

Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or the free Open Office Calc would probably be the best software to track sales.

How do you blur your face out on YouTube?

You would have to use a video editing software to do that. If you don't have that sort of software, the YouTube Video Editor built into the YouTube website now has a blur tool which is very effective at blurring moving objects.