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"kala" meaning "good" or "well"

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Do you say In the reply or for the reply to Anne?

Both are terms, but for different aspects of a reply. You would decide what form and language to use "for the reply to Anne." If you were describing the contents of the reply, not the form, you would say that a word or phrase was "in the reply to Anne."

Why didn't you reply?

What question would you like me to reply to?

What is a antonym for reply?

An antonym i think for reply would be is ask. because reply is answer the opposite is ask

How do you say yes in Irish?

There are no Irish words for yes or no.But you can reply in a positive way that is taken as a yes answer, or a negative way for a no answer, examples:to reply to a question such as, Do you understand?In Irish that would be: an dtuigeanntú?your reply would be, understand In Iris that would be: tuigimfor a negative responce to the same question, I don't understand.In Irish it's: ní thuigimA response will differ depending on what was asked.If you are asked Are you going? in Irish your answer could be níl

What is a monosyllabic reply?

This would be the same as a one word reply like yes or no.

How would you use the word reply in a sentence?

When I am asked how I am, I usually reply that I am fine.

How do you reply to bein y tu?

How you would reply is "entonces que esta aciendo?"

What is the reply for Comment t'appelles-tu?

"Comment t'appelles-tu ?" means "what is your name?". You would reply: "je m'appelle ...."

What do you reply to people when they say Sarhpp Ghee?

How do you melt cheese would be the best way to reply

How would you reply the the salutation Shana Tova and add a complimentary word such as the English word indeed to the reply?

You can't. You simply reply with Shana tova.

What is proper reply to Chag sameach?

You would reply with the same words, 'Chag Sameach' (חג שמח).

Would you get a reply if you wrote Michael Jordan?


What is a witty reply?

"Witty" means clever or smart. A witty reply would be one that is clever - usually, a witty reply is humorous. Sometimes, a witty reply would just be one that was thought up very quickly in answer to a difficult question. Someone who is known for witty replies would be a good conversationalist, and usually popular at parties.

Does paramore reply to fanmail?

Most bands with large fanbases, such as Paramore, do not reply to fanmail. This is simply because there is so much fanmail, if they took time to reply to everyone(which they would have to do, you can't just reply to one person) they would not have any time to tour, write albums, or do anything else really.

How do you reply to what your birthday is in french?

You would reply, "Ma fête est le 26 septembre" (My birthday is September 26th)

How do you reply a christening invitation?

As with other invitations, you reply to a Christening invitation in the same mode that it was delivered to you. For example, if you received a Christening invitation in the mail, then you would reply by mail, usually by returning the response card that was included with the invitation. If the invitation was extended to you through a telephone call, then you would likewise reply with your acceptance or regrets via a phone call. An exception to this rule is if the host instructs you to reply via a different mode. For instance, if you were mailed an invitation that requests you to RSVP by replying to an email address or phone number, then it would be acceptable to reply by email or phone rather than by mailing back a reply.

How do you reply to goodbye and thanking letter?

Depending on the circumstances, a reply may not be necessary. If you fell that a reply would be appropriate, base your reply one the circumstances of the departure and the content of the thank you letter. Be sincere and say what you feel but don't go too far. If you don't have anything good to say, don't reply.

Who would win a positive or a negative?


Does Jose MOurinho reply to mails?

According to what the mail is: * If it's a fan mail he would probably leave it aside * If it's a player's or club's mail he would surely reply to it

What to say if someone says que pasa?

"Que pasa" means "what's up?" or "what's going on?" You would reply however you would reply to either of those questions.

When subtracting a negative and a positive your answer would be a positive?

If you are subtracting the negative from the positive, the answer will be positive. If you are subtracting the positive from the negative, the answer will be negative.

Greek word for dad?

in modern greek father would be pateras in ancient greek father would be pater.

Who talks Barney?

what type of reply would you want from that... honestly

My action reply is broken how do you fix it?

it would depend on what is wrong with it.

What is sentence for certainly?

I certainly would like a prompt reply.

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