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What would be an antonym of money?


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The Antonym For "receive" Would Be "Give"..

No. AN antonym for deceased would be alive. An antonym for friendly would be unfriendly or hostile.

No. An antonym for answer would be unknown or mystery.

There would not be an antonym for equipment.

Elation would be an antonym.

An antonym for alert would be notify or inform.

In the sense of 'lewd', an antonym would be 'conservative' or 'puritanical'. In the sense of 'slippery', an antonym would be 'sticky'.

An antonym for donate might be take, which isn't giving. Another antonym might be steal, which is taking by force and still not giving. Another antonym might be profit, which is making money off of something, instead of giving money. to get

"Lose" would be an antonym for "win". "Defeat" would b e an antonym for "Victory".

An antonym is a word that has the opposite meaning. One antonym for "polite" would be "rude"; another would be "obnoxious".

An antonym would be any word that means the opposite!!

AN antonym for exhaustion would be energize. Another would be vitality.

antonym of drill would be "fill". Another would be "relax".

synonym would be contemplated. antonym would be disregarded.

A synonym would be "blessing" and an antonym would be "curse".

antonym means same so descended would be the synonym rise is the antonym

The antonym of many would be few.

The antonym for create would be destroy.

The antonym for cooked would be raw

The antonym to fake would be "real".

An antonym for scheme would be chaos.

An antonym of aloofness would be "Sympathy".

An antonym of resonate would be "single".

The antonym for universe would be nothing.

An antonym would be fluidity .

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