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giving up your virginityIf that is what u want to do!!!! Then, go to a party ant someones house, you know, a bunch of drunks. Get plastered and pick out the one you want. Lure them with your eyes and maybe some tongue action, suggesting oral sex. Get them to follow u wherever you want it to happen. Laundry room is a great place. Female, kiss him and grab his manhood to see if he is getting hard for you. If so, continue with the stimulation. Take his cock out and put it in your mouth and make it harder. Then take off your panties (be sure to wear a skirt for this event), it makes it much easier to get ready. Jump up om the washer and spread your legs and pull him in between them. The rest will come naturally. Male, if she is ready, push your hard cock against her thigh so she can feel its power and rigidness. If she is willing to give in to you, you will know. She will usually show u what to do if she knows your a virgin. I hope this helps and I hope the wording is not too forward. It is difficult to answer sex realted questions without being forward. Answera sleazy way is just go clubbin, get trashed. do it in the restroom. if you're a girl, then acting slutty will depend on your morals and ethics. if you're the a chruch type with high morals, it might be tough. but to sleeze down, ya gotta go like braless, thin top, so your nips are real visible. also, short skirt and no panties, ya gotta be able show the goods on the dance floor. drink some wine coolers, and get to grindin up against whatever guy your gonna give it up to. after some grindin, pettin, and tongue kissin on the dance floor, go to the restroom, sit up on the sink if you can lock the door. if not, go in a stall and let him sit down on the toliet seat. then you jus straddle him and let him take it. you can pull up your top if you want, giving access to your nips. it's not tuff being sleazy. should put a raincoat on the guy though. enjoy The Sheer, Shocking SleazeIt doesn't take much imagination to be sleazy. Fifty years ago a common way was on the back-seat of a car. (Already in the 1920s some puritan ministers were in the habit of calling automobiles 'mobile whorehouses on wheels').

If you wanna be really sleazy you could pay for a fix of some drug with sex at a disco or nightclub ...

However, methinks the questioner really wants a detailed, pornographic answer and that's a 'no-no' under FAQfarm rules. :) However, there's no lack of porn on the web. You might even go to eBay and look under Fiction: Erotic. Anyway, have fun!

AnswerHere's one very sleazy way:

Park a very filthy van outside a Denny's. Wait until 3:00AM.

Then, wait in the secluded grove for an hour, then travel between there and the dark alley (you may encounter some thugs from which you might earn some loot). You should probably at least have studded leather armor at some point now.

Then, call your ex-wife and tell the harlot to give you back your stereo. Then, go find the aforementioned van and set it on fire. Drive it into the Denny's while it is on fire.

After you have commenced your regimen of antipsychotic medication and are no longer a ward of the state in any respect, you can use this experience to your advantage by making gothy 14-year-old girls on Myspace pity you a lot.

(Note: I do not recommend any of this. Trust me.)

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If a girl is a virgin how far can she stick a dildo in to lose her virginity?

Not even hitting your cervix with a dildo would make you lose your virginity. You have to have a penis in your vagina to lose your virginity.

When a women is a virgin and if she fingers herself would she lose her virginity?

No, a woman would not lose her virginity. It is just like a male masturbating he does not lose his virginity. Losing one virginity takes two people who has a bond with each other and have sexual relations. I hope that helped - Mr. Love Guy

Can a lesbian lose her virginity?

Yes, anyone can lose their virginity, but not everyone does.

Will you bleed when you lose your virginity?

No real way to tell except for when you do lose your virginity.

If you weren't penetrated can you still lose your virginity?

No - when you lose your virginity it is because you have had sexual intercourse.

What age does a female lose her virginity?

Whenever she has sex. There is no set time to lose your virginity.

What happens to guys when they lose their virginity?

When guys lose their virginity, absolutely nothing changes.

If she was in a physical relationship and in their relationship she just kissed does that mean she lost her virginity?

No, she did not lose her virginity. In order for someone to lose their virginity, sexual intercourse needs to take place. If all she did was kiss, she's a virgin.You do not lose your virginity by just kissing. You can not lose it from just kissing.Anyone can kiss someone. You have to have sex to lose virginity.

Can a girl lose her virginity to a hair brush?

Well the hair brush will break the hymen and it will cause her to bleed however virginity refers to not having actual sex.. When the penis enters the vagina than the girl would lose her virginity. Actual sexual intercourse has to happen in order for a boy/girl to lose their virginity.

Can you lose your virginity from a little penetration?

Many consider virginity to be lost when about 2 to 3 inches of the penis is inserted into the vagina. some would say this constitutes sexual intercourse which needs to happen for someone to lose their virginity.

What would girls lose if they were pregnant in World War 2?

Their virginity.

Could a gay guy lose his virginity?

Yes, a gay guy can lose his virginity. Anyone can.

What is virginity and is it bad to lose it?

Virginity means not having had sex with someone else. As to whether or not to lose it, see the Related Question referenced/linked below. ("When should you lose your virginity")

When should a girl expect to lose her virginity?

She should expect to lose her virginity when she's ready and actually willing to lose it.

Can girl loss her virginity when fingering?

Virginity is not about masturbation. It requires a partner to lose your virginity.

How do you lose your virginity when you are 16 years old?

At any age, by having sexual intercourse, you will lose your virginity.

How many times can you lose your virginity?

You can only lose your virginity once. Once it is gone, you can never regain it.

What does lose your virginity mean?

When u have sex for tge first time is when u lose ur virginity

Can a women lose her virginity by being fingered?

No, a woman can only lose her virginity through sexual intercorse

Is it possible that you dont lose your virginity till the 3rd time?

You will lose ur virginity in the first time.

How do you lose your virginty is you are Lesbian?

That depends on how you define losing your virginity. If you define loosing your virginity as performing a sex act, be it gay sex or otherwise, the you can lose your virginity by just having sex. If you believe there needs to be penetration for it to be sex, then you would have to use some sort of dildo or fingers to lose your virginity. Really, it all depends on what constitutes sex to you.

Can you lose your virginity because you do Tae Kwon Do?

No, you cannot lose your virginity BECAUSE you do taekwondo. You might meet someone very special in your taekwondo class, but you would have to so something very DIFFERENT FROM taekwondo before you could lose your virginity. It is possible to break you hymen doing strenuous physical activities (like taekwondo), but that is not anything like losing your virginity.

Can lose your virginity with foreplay?


Did you lose your virginity to a goat?


Can I lose my virginity with you?

Are you hot.