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body: around 5 foot, weigh between 100 and 125 lbs. person: whoever you are like....maybe outgoing or maybe shy because you may not know anyone at your highschool...this is your first year.

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Q: What would be considered avg for a high school freshman girl?
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How do you get a girl you have never talked to to notice you in high school if you are a freshman?

Talk to her.

Can a girl try out for freshman high school football If so what position should she play?

if you play soccer, I would suggest the kicker, but if not, I would say the wide receiver

I'm a sophomore girl in high school who wanted to date this freshman girl in college. Is this wrong?

As long as your parents are abcent of you

What is a good time for the 200 meter run for freshman girl?

About 25 seconds I would say.

What grade is a 14 year old girl normally in for soccer?

She would be a Freshman, or ninth grader.

Can a girl play high school freshman football?

Yes highschool regulations do not have any rules against women playing football.

How do you call a high school freshman girl for a date?

to call a high school freshman girl for a date, you must first get her number. then you must pick up a phone, dial the number and say "Hey, what are you doing this Friday night?" or "Hey, you wanna catch a movie with me on Saturday?" this is coming from a you can trust it. honestly, all we want is for you to tell us how you feel and come right out and say what you want.

Why would a senior boy date a freshman girl?

maybe its because its really likes you and he doesnt want to wait

Do older high school girls like freshman with big cocks?

it depese on the girl lots of girl now days like that type of thing but some just don't care for how large they are

How fast should you run 5 kilometers as a freshman girl?

It depends on your speed, body, and the course you run. As a freshman you would be 22 and above, but it depends on you and it is a rough estimate. If you average 7 min miles then that is about where.

How do you ask a senior girl to the prom if im a freshman she doesnt know?

If she doesn't know you, then that will be slightly awkward and weird. If she was already asked to prom then that would be kinda awkward telling you that And why would you take a senior girl to prom when you're a freshman and she doesn't know you? I think you should just wait 3 more years and then go to prom when your a SENIOR with a SENIOR girl

What would you tell a senior girl to make her smile if you are a freshman?

i know your out of my league but.... i don't care will u go wit me i have cookies